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Counseling Practice

Counseling a Lying Counselee (feat. Josh Greiner)

Truth in Love 454

How do we counsel a counselee who is not telling the truth?

Feb 26, 2024

Doxological Counseling (feat. Omri Miles)

Truth in Love 453

How does our counseling change when we view it as an act of praise and worship to God?

Feb 19, 2024

Wise Counsel from Job’s Counselor, Elihu 

Job is most famous for being a story of suffering, but Job is also a story of counseling.

Feb 15, 2024

When Young Counselors Face Backlash  

Sound biblical counsel does not discriminate against age but is inextricably linked to the proper dispensing of God’s Word.

Feb 8, 2024

Basic Homework from the Psalms

The Psalms provide a language of lament, joy, hope, sorrow, and faith. They can shape our counseling conversations.

Jan 4, 2024

Counseling the Immature

Truth in Love 445

How does immaturity factor into our counseling?

Dec 18, 2023

Counseling Unbelievers

Truth in Love 440

As biblical counselors, can we counsel unbelievers?

Nov 13, 2023

Six Truths to Remember When Your Counselee Stops Meeting with You

This article shows biblical truths to hold on to when we feel abandoned by a counselee.

Oct 12, 2023

Why Is This Case So Hard?

Often our counseling cases are hard because they demand in us a level of maturity that we were not prepared to give.

Sep 28, 2023

A Biblical Evaluation of Celebrate Recovery

Truth In Love 432

Why is Celebrate Recovery antithetical to a faithful ministry of the Word?

Sep 18, 2023

Directing a Counseling Ministry 

Truth In Love 428

How do you go about establishing a counseling ministry at your local church?

Aug 21, 2023

Best Practices for Virtual Biblical Counseling

Truth In Love 427

Technology helps us reach far beyond the walls of a building, so how do we best utilize virtual counseling in our ministry?

Aug 14, 2023