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In 2019, the ACBC annual conference will focus on the issue of suicide and self-harm and show how the resources of Scripture equip Christians to counsel those who are in life’s darkest moments.


These resources are for pastors, professors, and other Christian servants who desire to be trained in their gospel-responsibility to be disciple-makers.

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  • Helping Suspicious People

    Lou Priolo discusses how to help suspicious people and paranoid thinking in biblical counseling on this week’s edi...

  • Abuse in the Church

    Recent revelations compiled by the Houston Chronicle have demonstrated the suffering of sexual abuse victims in the chur...

  • TIL 193: Prayer and Fasting

    Brad Bigney discusses prayer and fasting in the life of the believer and how it can relate to biblical counseling on thi...

  • TIL 192: Counseling Abandoned Women

    On this week’s edition of Truth in Love Dale Johnson speaks with Julie Ganschow about the churches responsibility ...

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