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Truth in Love.

Resources, training, and certification to promote excellence and doctrinal integrity in biblical counseling



2024 Annual Conference

Many claim that they model their counseling after Jesus Christ, but their theology and methodology are devoid of Christ and His care. Join us in Fort Worth, TX on October 7-9, 2024, for our Annual Conference, Care of Christ, as we examine how the Wonderful Counselor provides a complete model of counseling and care for Christians to follow.

Our Approach

This world is full of sin, suffering, and confusion. We all know people in need of help and hope, yet many Christians do not feel equipped to counsel. It’s true that counseling can be daunting, but God’s Word has answers. ACBC exists to equip you to minister the Bible faithfully to those all around you who are in need of God’s truth.


Find practical and biblical answers to the common counseling issues people face.

Biblical Counseling Journeys

Jim Newheiser shares about God’s providential work in his life and the impact of a high view of Scripture on his personal life and ministry.

Apr 22, 2024

Help Your Teen Before He Is One 

Being a teen is not easy, however, parents can biblically prepare their children well for this season to come.

Apr 18, 2024


Our comprehensive biblical counseling certification program is rigorous, but attainable – to train and verify faithfulness to the Word of God in the counseling room.

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