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Truth in Love.

Resources, training and certification to promote excellence and doctrinal integrity in biblical counseling


Biblical Counseling & the Sufficiency of Scripture

2023 Annual Conference

The world is unified in its belief that God’s Word is unfit to break
through the complex problems we face.

Join us in Santa Clarita, CA, October 2th-4th, 2023
as we explore how God, through His Word, is the only source of life,
help, and restoration for all that is broken in mankind.

Our Approach

This world is full of sin, suffering, and confusion. We all know people in need of help and hope, yet many Christians do not feel equipped to counsel. It’s true that counseling can be daunting, but God’s Word has answers. ACBC exists to equip you to minister the Bible faithfully to those all around you who are in need of God’s truth.

When it comes to nuts and bolts ministry, not even my time in seminary prepared me as much as the ACBC certification process. God used this as a defining season in my life that equipped me to share genuine biblical hope with hurting people.


Find practical and biblical answers to the common counseling issues people face.

Is Perfectionism Destroying Your Relationship with Food? 

Rest in the fact that you are not perfect, but Christ is.

Jun 1, 2023

An Evaluation of the Sexual Identity Construct (Part 2)

How do we evaluate, expose, and explain to our counselees the ideology behind sexual identity construct?

May 29, 2023


A Fundamentals Training Course will give you an overview of the basics of biblical counseling and help you serve those in your life with God’s Word.


Our comprehensive biblical counseling certification program is rigorous, but attainable – to train and verify faithfulness to the Word of God in the counseling room.

If you really want to help people become as much like the Lord Jesus Christ as possible, I cannot more highly recommend for you to pursue ACBC certification! The benefits not only for yourself, but for your family and others, are of great eternal significance.