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ACBC exists to equip you to minister the Bible faithfully to those all around you who are in need of God’s truth. Our biblically grounded certification process is made up of three phases: learning, exams and evaluations, and supervision.

Visit each category for a detailed account of what the process looks like.

Phase 1: Learning

Fundamentals training course, counseling observations, and outside reading

Phase 2: Exams & Evaluations

Complete your theology
and counseling exams

Phase 3: Supervision

Complete 50 sessions of supervised
counseling with an ACBC Fellow

How to Become Certified

ACBC comes alongside individuals to train and verify that they are faithfully ministering the Word of God in the counseling room. We offer a comprehensive biblical counseling certification program that is rigorous, but attainable.

My training in biblical counseling through ACBC’s certification process has served as a much-needed and invaluable extension to my seminary education and given me much greater confidence in helping people with their problems in life, small and great, with God’s Word.


  • Cost

    Approximately $1400

  • Timeline

    2 year average completion 

    4-year deadline for Phases 1 and 2 

    1-year deadline for Phase 3 

  • Doctrinal Affirmation

    Regardless of the completion of any or all of the phases of the certification process, applicants and their churches must affirm certain doctrinal standards to the satisfaction of ACBC before earning certified status. Please read them carefully before you begin:  Standards of Doctrine, Standards of ConductCovenant

  • Disclaimer

    ACBC does not guarantee certified status to those who complete the three phases of the certification process. In order to become certified and maintain certified status, applicants must also meet several membership requirements that involve external vetting and recommendation. Please read the complete list here before you begin: Policies and Procedures, Constitution and Bylaws

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