ACBC Exists to Equip You

This world is full of sin, suffering, and confusion. We all know people in need of help and hope, yet many Christians do not feel equipped to counsel.  It’s true that counseling can be daunting, but God’s Word has answers.

ACBC exists to equip you to minister the Bible faithfully to those all around you who are in need of God’s truth.


ACBC comes alongside individuals to train and verify that they are faithfully ministering the Word of God in the counseling room. We offer a comprehensive biblical counseling certification program that is rigorous, but attainable. The biblical counseling certification phases include:


Faithfulness in counseling requires equipping. Taking a Fundamentals Training Course will give you an overview of the basics of biblical counseling and help you serve those in your life with God’s Word. Find a biblical counseling training near you:


Explore our array of counseling resources to find practical and biblical answers to the common counseling issues people face.

Our Theological Position

Read the convictions that guide ACBC in counseling ministry.

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