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Caroline Newheiser

is the Assistant Coordinator of Women's Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary - Charlotte. She regularly speaks at ACBC Annual Conferences and she is married to ACBC Board Member, Jim Newheiser.

“I Miss Your Touch”

One of the Negative Effects of COVID-19

Our culture is undergoing necessary restrictions because of the novel coronavirus. The consequences are creeping into our behavior, influencing habits, and affecting the joys of […]

Sep 17, 2020

Guarding Against Gossip

Truth in Love 203

How to understand and deal with the issue of gossip.

Apr 22, 2019

How to Respond to Difficult People

Because we live in a sin-soaked world, we are all surrounded by difficult people. They are our neighbors, our relatives, they attend our church, drive […]

May 2, 2017

Submitting To Your Husband When You Think He’s Wrong

Truth in Love 72

How wives can handle the situation when they disagree with a decision their husband has made?

Staying Ahead of Conflict

Truth in Love 43

Avoiding conflict comes from having the right attitude toward Christ as a result of the Gospel.