2014: The Gospel and Mental Illness



  • Over 50 Hours of counseling content
  • Share with family and friends
  • Focuses on equipping Christians to minister God’s Word to the those wrestling with mental illness


Session 1 – David Powlison – Good News for the Mentally Ill

Session 2 – Video with John MacArthur – God’s Truth in a Culture of Mental Illness (Part 1)

Session 3 – Video with Heath Lambert – Brothers, We Are Not Therapists

Session 4 – Video with John MacArthur – God’s Truth in a Culture of Mental Illness (Part 2)

Session 5 – Video with Charles Hodges – What’s Medical About Mental Illness

Session 6 – Video with Bob Somerville – The Pauline Model of Mental Health

Breakout Sessions:

Session 1:

Addressing Alternative Medicine – Dan and Pam Gannon

Child Discipline that Disciples – Randy Patten

Counsel for the Wife Struggling in Her Ministry Marriage – Mary Somerville

Dealing with Anger in a Godly Way – Bob Somerville

Fear and Worry: The Acceptable Sins – Lisa Schmidt

Gospel Treason – Getting to the Heart – Brad Bigney
Helping a Counselee Change Their Thinking – Stuart Scott

How Will They Ever Change – Nathan Currey

List and Labels – Dr. Jim Halla Breakout

Marry Wisely, Marry Well – Ernie Baker

Putting Your Past in Its Place – Steve Viars

When Hardships Hit – Robert Jones

Session 2:

A Counseling Survey of the New Testament – Andrew Rogers

Attachment Disorder – Amy Baker

Counseling Miss Pity Party/Glass Half Full Person – Martha Peace

Giving Homework According to the Stages and Phases of a Counselee – Nicholas Ellen

Gripping Fears – David Powlison

Psychology and the Gospel: A Brief History – Jeremy Lelek

Schizophrenia – Charles Hodges

Singles and Their Relationship – Deepak Reju

Understanding Depression – Scott Mehl

Where Should I Start? Beginning a Difficult Counseling Case – Heath Lambert

Session 3:

Case Study on Pornography – Garrett Higbee

Counseling and the Courts – Deborah Dewart

Heading for Divorce – Bill Shannon

Learning to Pray When the Pain Will Not Leave from Psalm 13 – Brad Brandt

Mediation, an Introduction – Ernie Baker

Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission – Bob Kelleman

Prayer as Part of Spiritual Warfare – Kevin Carson

Presenting the Gospel in Its Context in Counseling – Stuart Scott

Redemption after Adultery – Robert Cheong

Seeing Reality through Psalm 139 – Joe Propri

Session 4:

Biblical Counseling: A Golden Opportunity for Evangelism – Paul Peabody

Counseling Parents of Special-Needs Children – Paul Tautges

Counseling Sexually Abused Women and Children – Caroline Newheiser

Helping Couples Develop a Godly Approach to Marital Intimacy – Rob Green

Helping the Discouraged – Randy Patten

How to Live with a Bitter Person – Amy Baker

Perfectionism – Are you ODC? – John Street

Preparing for International Biblical Counseling Training Opportunities – Wayne Vanderwier

Studying for and Passing the ACBC Exam – George Scipione

Understanding the Kinds of Sorrow Mentioned in the Bible – Nicolas Ellen

When Your Counselee Wants to Quit – Kevin Carson

Session 5:

“Jump Start” after the Storm in Once Counseling Session – Jill Wamsley

Church Discipline and the Law – Deborah Dewart

Counseling Couples in Abuse Situations – Tim Pasma

Counseling End of Life Issues – Charles Hodges

Counseling in the Midst of Divorce – Wayne Johnston

Creating a Church Culture of Grace and Discernment Regarding Mental Illness – Jeremy Pierre

Dealing Biblically with the Terrible Tragedy of Suicide – Jim Newheiser

How to Deconstruct Self-Esteem in Session – Jeremy Lelek

Leading a Church to Biblically Change – Duke Crawford

Ministering to Those with Brain Injuries – Stuart Scott

Praying for and with Your Counselee – Martha Peace

The Importance of Scripture Memorization in Counseling – Susan Heck

Bonus Content:

Counsel without Turning Counselees into Pharisees – Brad Bigney

Pursuing Purity Before Marriage – Amber Komatsu

Repentance for Those Struggling with Pornography – Heath Lambert

Oneness, More than Sex – Tom Zempel

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