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2023: Show Yourself Approved - Counseling From Philippians (2023 Pre-Conference)


The world is unified in its belief that God’s Word is unfit to break through the complex problems we face.

This item includes audio from all of the 2023 Annual Conference Plenary & Breakout Sessions.


Dale Johnson
Abner Chou
Terry Enns
Ernie Baker
H.B. Charles
Rick Holland

Sean Perron-Jesus as the Model Counselor in the Gospel of John
Jim Fain-“Ought-ness” vs. “Is-ness”: Is Natural Revelation and Common Grace Enough?
Omri Miles-Clearly Sufficient: the Inseparability of Scripture’s Perspicuity and Sufficiency for Counseling
Ernie Baker-What is Trauma Informed Counseling?
Rhenn Cherry-A Biblical Critique of EMDR Therapy
Marshall Adkins-A Biblical Evaluation of Emotionally Focused Therapy
Johanna Pressley-Psychological Terminology & Autism Spectrum
Brad Bigney-Helping Your Counselee to Confess But Not Obsess Over Their Sin
Lisa Anderson-Emotions of a Sexual Crime Victim and God’s Love
Keith Evans -Resisting Temptation, Psalm 63
Shelbi Cullen-Looking Up! Counsel For Troubled Souls from Psalm 37:1-11
John Babler-Using Biblical Narratives in Counseling
Cheryl Bell-Simple Exegesis: How to Meditate on Scripture with Word Studies
Tom Sugimura-The Old Testament as Literature
Josh Zeichik-Identifying & Responding to Sinful Pastoral Leadership
Joshua Greiner-The Values and Qualities of Good Homework
Eric Abisror-Soul Care in Missionary Care in the Local Church
Bret Capranica-Transitioning a Church to Biblical Counseling
Panel-Lawyers and Pastors Tackling Legal Issues Together
Charles Hodges-Medicine, Common Grace, and Sufficiency
Matt Mumma-Relationship Between Sufficiency and Authority of Scripture
Howard Eyrich-Biblical Counselor’s Guide to Counseling Theories
Seth Leeman-A Critique of the Sexual/Gender Identity Construct
Greg Gifford-Mind v. Brain: Cultural Confusion, A Mental Health Epidemic, and What the Bible Says
Brad Brandt– “O My Soul: The Necessity of Talking to Ourselves”
Robert Jones-Resting Our Hearts in God Alone: Applying Psalm 62 to People Facing Affliction
Glenn Dunn-Counseling the Soul Who Refuses to Be Comforted
Kevin Carson-Counsel the Word: The Process from the Text to the Counselee
Andrew Rogers-When Application Grows Out of Control
Abby Bearden-How to Become ACBC Certified
Tom Wells-The Bible is sufficient! … even for financial problems
Samuel Stephens– How to become a Certified Training Center
Common Grace / Sufficiency
Tim Bryant-Self Esteem Vs. Union with Christ: (Finding Sufficiency through Humility)
Jim Newheiser-The place of common grace wisdom in counseling technique
Heath Lambert-The Sufficiency of Scripture and The Threat of Common Grace
Javan Payne-Viewing Trust-Based Relational Intervention Through Biblical Lens
Timothy Pasma-Psychedelics: The New Frontier in Counseling
Lou Priolo-Counseling Lonely People
Nicolas Ellen-Understanding The Four Categories of Fear
Scott Mehl-The Three Kinds of Anxiety: Ungodly Fear, Godly Concern, and Habitual Anxiety
Keith Palmer-Finding God in Difficult Relationships (Psalm 55)
Joel Wood-Confession of Sin in the Counseling Office
Jacob Elwart-A Little Bit of Truth for a Little Bit of Life
Terry Enns-“Take a Letter: Using the Epistles Biblically in Biblical Counseling”
Randy Patten -What Makes Biblical Counseling Unique?
Gabe Powell-The Nature of Man and Sufficiency of Scripture
John Street-Sufficient Sanctification: Counseling Serious Problems Only from Scripture
Tom Patton– Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Warfare
Emily Stahly-Assessing the Duluth Model
Mark Shaw-A Critique of Celebrate Recovery
Brent Osterberg-Scrupulosity: Religious OCD
Caroline Newheiser-Helping Women Who Have Eating Disorders
Shannon Kay McCoy-The Spiritual Impact of Divorce
Brian Sayers-How to Sleep in Distress
Jeremy Pray-Psalm 32 – On Confession and Repentance
Ken Schultz-Being a Biblical Counselor Who Accurately Interprets and Applies Scripture
Jim Koerber-Resources for Rightly Handling the Word of Truth
John St. Pierre-Counseling from Proverbs with Accuracy and Power
Josh Weidmann-Expository Conversations
Shannon McCoy-The Crisis of Prayerlessness: Teaching Counselees How to Pray About Their Problems
Donn Arms-An Overview of the Life and Ministries of Jay E Adams
Kelli Dionne-Counseling children who fear
Mark Mann-Discovering the Origin of All Man’s Problems
Todd Sorrell-Christian or Secular College? Making a Biblically Wise Choice
Joel Wood-Confronting the Broadness of Biblical Counseling: Noutheteo throughout the Scripture
Adam Tyson-Why We Counsel from the Bible Alone
Jim Newheiser-The Abuse Pendulum — Navigating Current Controversies about Abuse
Aaron Brewster-A Biblical Response to Emotion Coaching
Martha Peace-But I Have A Chemical Imbalance
George Sanders-Are Antidepressants Good for Anything?
Bill Slattery-Psalms of Lament
Rush Witt-A Longing to Escape: How the Psalms Identify and Help the Common Urge to Escape Hardship
Lucas Pace-Training a Counselee to Study Scripture
Lilly Park-Applying Scripture for Cross-Cultural Counseling
Lisa Schmidt-Hope for the Depressed from Psalm 42 & 43

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