2022: In His Image




Every life has dignity and worth because every person is made in God’s image.

This item includes audio from all of the 2022 Annual Conference Plenary & Breakout Sessions.

Session titles below:

Plenary 1 – Dale Johnson- Who is Man?
Plenary 2 – Denny Burk- The Decay of Human Dignity
Plenary 3 – Virgil Walker- Treating Others with Dignity in a World of Partiality
Plenary 4 – Camille Cates- Dispelling the Darkness of Abortion with the Light of Christ
Plenary 5 – Joni Eareckson Tada – The Dignity of People with Disability
Plenary 6 – Adam Tyson- Human Dignity and End of Life Issues


Keith Palmer – How Christ Transforms Us in Our Diseases and Disabilities
Ernie Baker – Biblical Counseling and the Body: How Much Emphasis Should the Body Get?
Jim Fain – Refocusing Those Labeled with PTSD
Howard Eyrich – Essentials in Counseling Aging Disabilities
Brad Brandt – Trusting God in Adversity: Case Study of Joseph
Caroline Newheiser – How Churches Can Minister to Autistic Children
Daniel Berger II – Counseling Families with a Child on the Autism Spectrum
Omri Miles – Doxological Counseling: How the Glory of God Impacts Counseling Philosophy and Practice
Jim Berg – A C.A.R.E. Model for Counseling Addiction Sufferers
Tim Keeter – Helping the Bullied Child
Venessa Ellen – Counseling Individuals Who Live Daily with a Chronic Illness
Jim Newheiser – The Gospel Divides Families
Don Roy – Essential Doctrines for Counseling
Paul Tautges – Creating a Disability-Friendly Culture in Your Church
William Shannon – Expository Counseling
Matt Mumma – Care for Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Other Neurological Disorders
Randy Patten – Evangelize or Disciple—Discerning a Counselee’s Spiritual Condition
Shelbi Cullen – Postpartum and the Christian: When Despair Lingers and Takes Root
Brad Bigney – Growing a Counseling Ministry in the Local Church
Josh Weidmann – When God Feels Far Away
Bryan Gaines – Teaching Counselees to Pray Biblically
Camille Cates – Counseling Abortion-Minded Women
Julie Ganschow – Counseling the Post-Abortive Woman
Jeremy Pray – When and How to Conclude a Counseling Case
Jeff Bartz – Gender Identity and the Revolution of the Self
Sean Perron – Is the Birth Control Pill Abortive?
Samuel Stephens – Counseling and the Christian Conscience
Glenn Dunn – Phantom Guilt
John Lehman – My Wife Had an Abortion Before We Were Married… How Do I Help Her?
Sue Liljenberg – Post-Abortion Trauma and the Local Church
Robert Jones – Counseling Couples After Pregnancy Loss
Scott O’Malley – The Importance of Understanding a Life-Story
Jim and Caroline Newheiser – Counseling as a Team
Randy Patten – Minister the Word Rather Than Dispense It
Brad Bigney – Key to Reviving a Broken or Stagnant Marriage
Kevin Carson – Helping the Adoptive Parent with Parenting for Pre-Teen and Teenage Children
Navigating the Changing Culture and How to Protect Your Counseling Ministry (Hosted by ADF)
Mark Hager – Biblical Counseling and the DSM: Translating Psychological Labels into Biblical Terms
Lisa Anderson – Counseling the Bizarre
Tim Nixon – Understand Attachment Disorder in Adoptive Children
Andrew Rogers – Doctrine of Adoption and Its Implications for Adoptive Families
Julie Ganschow – The Blessings and Challenges of Step-Parent Adoption
William Shannon – Expository Counseling
John Babler – Biblically Informed Trauma Counseling
Jeremy Pray – Helping Others Through Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption
Peter Stazen II – Parental Abandonment: God’s Help in Your Present and Future Fears
Josh Weidmann – Best Practices for Virtual Biblical Counseling
Jeremy Pierre – Insecurity and Self-Hate: A Biblical Way Out of a Harsh Cycle
Greg Gifford – Building a Team of Lay Counselors: Encouragers, Counselors, and Trainers
Jeremy Pierre – Identifying Abuse: A Biblical Framework
Jeff Bartz – Gender Identity and the Revolution of the Self
Todd Sorrell – Counseling Obedience and Trust Even When Circumstances are Difficult
Charles Hodges – Ethics in Medicine and Biblical Counseling
Venessa Ellen – End of Life / Critical Care Decisions
Keith Evans – Holy Sexuality: A Positive Vision for Biblical Sexual Expression
Ernie Baker – Directing a Counseling Ministry, Policies, Procedures, and Protocols
Bill Slattery – Church Discipline and Counseling
Howard Eyrich – Ethical Utilization of Technology in Caring for the Aging
Robert Jones – Counseling Couples Facing Infertility
Greg Gifford – Biblical Authority is Key to Counseling Transgenderism
Timothy Pasma – The End – How to Counsel the Dying
Deborah Dewart – The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Religious Liberty
Ben Marshall – Counseling and Pedophilia
Steve Viars – Helping Counselees Grapple with Their Identity
Martha Peace – What Do Biblical Counselors Really Need to Know About Psychotropic Medications?
Nicolas Ellen – Addressing Black Lives Matter and White Nationalists from a Biblical Perspective
George Sanders – A Six-Week Intensive Program for Taming the Wild Tongue
James McGowan – Finding and Removing the Three Hooks of Addiction
Susan Heck – Encouraging Counselees to Memorize Scripture
Emily Stahly – How to Become ACBC Certified
Sybrand de Swardt – When Color and Culture Divide
Jim Newheiser – Using the Parable of the Good Samaritan to Fight Racism
Mark Mann – Cain: A Biblical Analysis of an Angry Man
Tom Sugimura – Grace, Race, and the Church
Cheryl Bell – Show No Partiality: An Exegesis of James 2:1-13
Jim Koerber – Counseling Those Who Gossip
Jacob Elwart – Repentance: Seeking God’s Glory Through Self-Confrontation
Martha Peace – When the People You Love the Most Don’t Love the Lord
Joel Wood – Counseling Those Different Than You: How Race Impacts Soul Care
Scott Mehl – Counseling in Cities: Principles, Case Studies, and a Call for Further Development
John Street – Bitterness Toward God
Gabe Powell – Getting to the Place of Forgiveness