2016: Truth In Love: Theology and Biblical Counseling



  • Over 50 + Hours of counseling content
  • Share with family and friends
  • Focuses on different categories of systematic and practical theology

In 2016 we commemorated our 40th anniversary at our Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. We focused our time on a reexamination of the core theological themes that have undergirded our counseling approach for four decades. Each lecture is designed to help us grow in our ability to speak the truth in love.


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Plenary Sessions:

The Sufficiency of God’s Grace for Counseling – Heath Lambert

The Doctrine of the Church – Steve Viars

The Heart of Counseling – Richard Ganz

The Doctrine of God – Wayne Mack

The Doctrine of Man – Jeremy Pierre

Historical Reflections on Theology and Biblical Counseling – David Powlison

Panel Discussion – From NANC to ACBC – 40 Years of Biblical Counseling

Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 – Doctrine of the Scripture and God

Training Counselees to Study the Bible – Bill Winton

Helping Women Rely on the Scripture – Caroline Newheiser

Mysticism in Counseling – Keith Palmer

God-Centered Counseling – George Scipione

Counseling to the Glory of God – Brad Bigney

What’s God Got to Do With It? – Kevin Backus

Biblical Counseling and the Inerrancy of Scripture – John Street

The Goodness of God and Counseling – Martha Peace

The Doctrine of God and Counseling – Deepak Reju

A Scriptural Framework for Marriage – Howard Eyrich

The Sufficiency of Scripture and Medicine Integration – Charles Hodges

Session 2 – Doctrine of Man and Suffering

Counseling Those Who Struggle with Guilt – Andrew Rogers

Leadership Style, Church Conflict and the Heart – Ernie Baker

Biblical Pyschosomantics – Keith Palmer

How the Doctrine of Man Impacts Counseling – Lilly Park

Joseph’s Theology of Providence – Paul Tautges

Suffering Through the Ministry of Mercy – Jill Wamsley

What is Man? – Tom Zempel

When Hardships Hit: Seven Ways God Uses Suffering to Make us Like Jesus – Robert D. Jones

The Holy Spirit’s Role in the Change Process – Kevin Carson

Mental Illness, Medicine, and Biblical Counseling – George Sanders

God’s Grace in My Cancer – Tim Keeter

Biblical Counseling and Singleness – David Powlison

The Doctrine of Suffering in the Context of the Aging Believer – Jim Koerber

Biblical Anchors for Parakaletic Counseling – Bob Kellemen

Session 3 – Doctrine of Sin and Salvation

Counseling Presuppositionally – Craig Rowe

Should We Confront or Overlook Sin? – Jim Fain

The Doctrine of Wisdom – Wayne Mack

Evaluating Genuine Repentance – Joe Propri

ACBC Certification – Amber Komatsu

Counseling and Facing Temptation – Lisa Schmidt

The Doctrine of Justification in Counseling – Martha Peace

Contemporary Threats to Justification – Tim Pasma

Medical Issues and Sin – Lee Edmonds

Counseling and Christ the Savior – Kevin Carson

Counseling and the Doctrine of Union with Christ – Armand Tiffe

Helping Counselees Avoid Temptations – Brad Brandt

The Effects of Sin on our Thinking – Andrew Rogers

Repentance and Sexual Sin – Julie Ganschow

Session 4 – Doctrine of Christ and Holy Spirit

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling – Garrett Higbee

Counseling and the Person of Christ – Kevin Carson

Counseling with Christlike Love – Wayne Johnson

counseling the Ascension of Christ – Robert D. Jones

Living the Spirit Empowered Life – Tony Anderson

Who is the Lord in Counseling – Susan Heck

Confidence in Christ as the Foundation for Identity – Rebekah Hannah

Our Great Advantage that is Often Overlooked – Lee Lewis

Conformity to Christ and Capacity to Enjoy Him – Jim Fain

How to Walk by the Spirit – Tim Keeter

Session 5 – Doctrine of the Church

Plurality of Elders and Equipping the Church for Counseling – Scott Mehl

Starting a Training Center in Your Local Church – Wayne Johnson

Mental Illness and the Nature of Man – Lee Edmonds

Biblical Counseling and the Conscience – Deborah Dewart

Organizing and Formalizing the Church’s Counseling Ministry – Randy Patten

Counseling and the Doctrine of Perseverance – Bill Shannon

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of the Church – Stuart Scott

Three Characteristics of a Disciple-Making Culture in the Church – Wayne Vanderwier

The Necessity of the Local Church in Counseling – Jim Newheiser