2015: Homosexuality: Compassion, Care, and Counsel



  • Over 50 + Hours of counseling content
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  • Focuses on equipping Christians to minister God’s Word to the those struggling with homosexuality
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The Christian community cannot only be known as the people who understand that homosexuality is wrong. It is a matter of urgent concern that we also be known as the people who move towards people struggling with homosexuality with the love, grace, power, and hope of Jesus Christ and walk with them through the door to real and lasting change.


Watch First Message Free:

Plenary Sessions:

One Sinner to Another: How the Church Must Speak about Homosexuality – Heath Lambert

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – Rosario Butterfield

A Conversation about Homosexuality – Rosario Butterfield

Clarity in the Midst of Confusion: The Ethics of Homosexuality and the Gospel of Care – Albert Mohler

Change from the Inside Out: The Possibility of Sexual Purity – Stuart Scott

Compassion, Care, and Counsel for Families Broken by Homosexuality – Robert D. Jones

Finding Hope and Joy When Change is Slow – Sam Allberry

Breakout Sessions:

Session 1:

Biblical Counseling and Community Outreach – Steve Viars

Eating Disorders and Disorderly Eating – Scott Mehl

Is the Titus 2 Woman Relevant for Today – Lisa Schmidt

Legal Protections and Marriage Counseling – Deborah Dewart

Strategies for Completing the ACBC Exam – Keith Palmer

The Importance of Worldview for Counseling – Tim Pasma

Session 2:

Counseling from 1 Peter 2 – George Scipione

Equipping Counselors in a Local Church – Bob Kellemen

Fearful Women – Jill Wamsley

Restoring Trust After an Adulterous Affair – Julie Ganschow

The Blessing of Disappointed Expectations – Nicolas Ellen

The Challenges and Blessings of Counseling Children – Caroline Newheiser

The Difficult and Frightening Case of Ruth – Martha Peace

Session 3:

Counseling and Homosexuality: A Case Study – Kevin Carson

Counseling and the Local Church: State Mandated Reporting Laws of Sexual Abuse and the Scriptures – John Street

Counseling Teens from Proverbs – Ron Allchin

Getting Better at Getting to the Heart – Brad Brandt

Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful? – Denny Burk

Parenting – Randy Stinson

Passages Commonly Taken Out of Context in Counseling – Hannah Carter

The Role of the Husband: A Place for Humility – Bill Shannon

What if My Child Says They Are Gay – Bill Winton

Session 4:

Counseling and Psychotropic Drugs – Dan Gannon

Counseling and Theology: The Challenges of Multiculturalism – Howard Eyrich

Counseling Those with Gluttony, Fitness, and Body Idolatry – Jim Newheiser

Getting Unstuck and Staying Unstuck in the Counseling Process – Brad Bigney

Handling a Traumatic Past Biblically – Garrett Higbee

Homework that Maximizes Change – Randy Patten

Pre-Marriage Counseling that Strengthens the Church – Tim Keeter

Romans 6: The Foundation for Personal Change – Armand Tiffe

Teaching Women to be Content – Susan Heck

Session 5:

Adultery – Deepak Reju

Cultivating a Wife’s Heart for Sex – Kimberly Clark

Faithful Parenting: Shepherding for Sure, Discipleship Maybe – Stuart Scott

Good Mood, Bad Mood: Bipolar Disorder – Charles Hodges

How to be ACBC Certified – Amber Komatsu

How to Find God’s Perfect Mate for Your Life – Wayne Vanderwier

Ministry to Suffering People After a Miscarriage – Rebekah Hannah

Suffering and Its Implications on Sanctification – Lee Lewis