2021: O Church Arise



His Word as our guide for care, and His Spirit as the empowerment of our care. Our vision of care should be shaped by what God has revealed to us in His Word and the person of Christ, not by what our therapeutic culture claims to be legitimate care for struggling people. We need not fear our responsibility or neglect our calling. Rather, we pursue this eternally valuable act of being the church. And as we do, we become a culture of care.


Dale Johnson – A Culture of Care
Steve Viars – The Church: Building Disciples who Care for their Community
Stuart Scott – Soul-Care by Discipleship: a Primary Scriptural Method of Soul Care
Michael Kruger – Church Discipline as an Act of True Soul-Care
Daniel Kirk – Christ as our Head
Kevin DeYoung – Caring for Souls in the Public Proclamation of the Word

Amy Baker – Soul Crushing: The Grief of Miscarriage and Infertility
Andrew Rogers – “Your Counsel is Only as Good as it is Biblical”
Aurelia Smith – Grace Relations Counseling Using Psalms of Lament
Brad Bigney – “Are We There Yet?” Knowing When to Graduate Your Counselee
Brad Brandt – How Not to Counsel: Learning from Job’s Friends
Brent Aucoin – A Transformed Heart (Psalm 16)
Caroline Newheiser – Motivated by our Future Hope: The Doctrine of Glorification
Charles Hodges – Anxiety, Medicine, and the Psalms
Cheryl Bell – Imaging God in My Marriage
Dale Christian – Is Something Missing?
Dan Dionne – How to Help Elders/Pastors Think Through Medication Biblically
Daniel Berger II – Helping Those Labeled with Major Depressive Disorder to Discover Hope in Christ
Deborah Dewart – Update on Religious Liberty and Biblical Counseling
Donn Arms – How to Assign Effective Homework Skillfully
Emily Stahly – How to Become ACBC Certified
Ernie Baker – Psalms 42-43: A Model for Lament and Dealing with Depression
Greg Gifford – Exhorting the Passive Husband in Marriage
Hannah Carter – Counseling from Psalm 33
Henry Beaulieu – Overview of Biblical Counseling
Howard Eyrich – Training Counselee to Meditate Using Psalm 119
Jim Koerber – God’s Purposes in Grief and Sorrow
Jim Newheiser – Wise Speech from Proverbs
John Lehman – “I’m a Child of God, so Why Am I Still Struggling?”
John Street  – Counseling Women Dealing with a Sinning Husband
John Street – Understanding Guilt from a Biblical Viewpoint
Joseph Propri – How and When to Rebuild Trust in a Broken Relationship
Julie Ganschow – The Critical Role of Repentance in Biblical Change
Keith Palmer – Counseling from Biblical Narratives
Ken Schultz – The Effects of Sin on Your Counselee’s Thoughts
Kevin Carson – Walking with a Family Through the Death of a Child
Lance Quinn – The Biblical Counselor and the Doctrine of Illumination
Lilly Park – Common Challenges for Singleness
Lisa Schmidt – The Proverbs 31 Woman: Is She Relevant for Today?
Lou Priolo – Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship
Martha Peace – Counseling a Woman to be Content in Her Role
Mike Massey – Lessons on Suffering from 1 Peter
Nate Brooks – Counseling and Union with Christ
Nathan Currey – How to Answer a Fool
Nicolas Ellen – The Six Categories of Sorrow
Randy Patten – Top Mistakes Even Seasoned Counselors Make
Rhenn Cherry – Enneagram Theology: Is It Christian?
Robert Jones – Godlike Listening: Improving Our Listening Skills in Counseling
Robert Somerville – The Sovereignty and Love of God in the Loss of a Child
Sam Stephens  – How to Become an ACBC Certified Training Center
Sam Stephens – General Revelation: A Misunderstood and Misused Doctrine
Scott Mehl – Practical Service: The Missing Piece of Biblical Counseling
Sean Perron  – Counseling Brokenhearted Children
Susan Heck – The Sovereignty of God as Seen in Psalm 145
Thomas Sugimura – Counseling from Prophecy
Tim Pasma – Anthropology: A Biblical View of the Person
Tony Anderson – Living the Spirit-Empowered Life
Venessa Ellen – How to Counsel Individuals Who May Die from Chronic Illness