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Finally Free

Book Review

Address the problem of pornography head-on by rooting hope in the transforming power of the gospel.

Jan 9, 2020

Finally Free, written by Heath Lambert, provides hope to those bound by the sin of pornography. Lambert addresses the problem of pornography headon by rooting his hope in the transforming power of the Gospel. By engaging with anonymous stories throughout the book, the reader has the opportunity to connect with the material and see how the Gospel has the power to affect every willing heart. This book does not neglect to speak the truth while also being full of love, compassion, and hope.  

In the beginning of the book, Lambert promises freedom to anyone struggling with pornography through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He writes confidently, “It is possible to be free from pornography. Because of his grace, God sent his Son to pay the just penalty for the sins we all commit” (page 19).  Heath promises his reader, “You can be forgiven and free when you trust in Christ and what he has done for you, no matter how many times you have looked at pornography and how hopeless the struggle can feel” (page 19). Throughout the rest of the book Lambert begins to define grace and how to practically respond to the grace God promised. This grace motivates the fight against pornography.  

Lambert emphasizes the importance of repentance in attacking the bonds of pornography. He describes repentance as the first step to grasping grace. Using the acronym “CAR,” Lambert describes a threestep process of repentance. First one must “Confess your sin” (page 23). One cannot accept the grace of God without first acknowledging sin. The second letter to the acronym is “Affirm,” which means to “Affirm God’s forgiveness of your sin” (page 24). 1 John 1:9 encourages all who confess their sin to believe that “He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Lambert exhorts that one must not only repent of his/her sins but commit to believe in the forgiving grace God has promised.  In some senses, “it is easier to talk to God about your sin than it is to believe you are forgiven” (page 24). But indeed, there is forgiveness granted to those who would confess and believe. The third letter “R” Lambert uses stands for “Request.” Lambert reminds his reader that in the struggle against sin one must “request Jesus’ grace to change” (page 25). The forgiven sinner must cling to Christ and ask Him for help as he battles any sin. Repentance is so much more freeing than any mental punishment a struggling individual may try to impose upon him/herself. Lambert explains, “Mental punishments are not helpful because they deal with sin in a self-centered way instead of a Christ-centered way” (page 26)Christ is the only hope against sin.  

Finally Free not only address the heart issues of pornography but also provides practical applicationsLambert addresses the importance of accountability partners, humility, and gratitude in the life of one fighting against pornography. At the end of each chapter Lambert provides reflection questions for each reader to think and pray through personallyThese reflection questions also provide application steps that an individual can respond toWithout compromising the message of Christ’s grace in conquering pornography, these reflection steps help each individual apply the truths they are learning.  

 In taking the time to read this book an individual will turn from defeat to hope. The reader will grow in awe of the forgiving, unending grace of the Savior. The reader will be called to action because he hates how sin affects his relationship with the Creator. In reading this book one will be stirred by the atoning work of Christ which motivates the fight against pornography so that one can experience freedom, finally.  

Helpful Quotes 

  1. “You are thinking more about yourself and your porn than you are about Jesus and his grace. You can be free, but freedom requires grace” (page 19).  
  2. “Get a clear picture of what pornography is doing to your heart, your mind, and your life. When you do, you will want to get serious and do anything you can to stop the spread, regardless of how radical it might seem” (page 71).  
  3. “The desire for porn is a desire to escape from what the Lord has given you into a fake universe full of things you do not have and will never have. Porn is the trading of gratitude for greed” (page 127).  
  4. “You should come to the sovereign King of the Universe who graciously saves from sin and gives eternal life and who acts in his own way and in his own timing. You should come pursuing a full-fledged relationship with this sovereign King who saves, desiring to draw close to him in every way, and not just seeking to get your problems fixed. Coming to Christ in this way is tons better than merely getting his help to avoid looking at porn” (pages 142-143).
  5. “Your sin is not nearly as strong as the grace of Jesus to transform you…if you are trusting in Jesus, pornography will never have the final say in your life” (page 159).