2020: Destroying Strongholds



  • Over 50 Hours of counseling content
  • Share with family and friends
  • Focuses on equipping Christians to minister God’s Word to handle spiritual warfare

“Every day, a battle is being fought.
A battle that is very real, yet unseen.”
The Scriptures teach that there is an abundance of spiritual enemies seeking to influence our thoughts, affections, and priorities, and Scripture calls us not to ignorance, but to offense. Paul explained that, “the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ . . .”


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Plenary Sessions

Session 1 – Dale Johnson – 2 Corinthians – Taking Thoughts Captive & Destroying Strongholds
Session 2 – John Street – Galatians 5 – The Role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling
Session 3 – Philip De Courcy – Mark 5 – Jesus’ Superiority over the Demonic
Session 4 – John MacArthur – Thinking Biblically about how Jesus Handled Spiritual Warfare
Session 5 – Lance Quinn – James 1 – Battles with Temptation
Session 6 – Heath Lambert – Ephesians 6 – Spiritual Warfare in the Counseling Room

Breakout Sessions

Session 1 – Counseling Hard Cases

John Street – Biblical Counsel for Schizophrenia
Anne Dryburgh – Counseling Rape Victims
Sean Perron – Counseling Children with Bizarre Behavior
Julie Ganschow – Biblical Principles for Counseling Complex Trauma in Victims of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
Daniel Berger – Counseling People Diagnosed as Bipolar (I and II)
Cheryl Bell – A Case Study: Two College Girls and Sexual Sin
Stuart Scott – Spiritual Warfare and the Family
Ernie Baker – Mediation for Extreme Relationship Issues
Todd Sorrell – How to Avoid a Lawsuit
Sam Stephens – How to Become a Certified Training Center

Session 2 – Biblical Stewardship

Keith Christensen – Counseling Idleness
Tony Anderson – I’m a Manager Not an Owner
Susan Heck – Vowing to Live a Holy Life
Brad Brandt – The Stewardship of Suffering: Learning to See Thorns as God Sees Them
Bryan Gaines – Walking in Wisdom
Jim Fain – The Problem is Desire, not Debt
John Lehman – Fit for the Master
Robert Jones – A Biblical Approach to Priorities and Time Management
Mark Williams – How to Become ACBC Certified
David Champagne – The Big Three and Your iPhone

Session 3 – Bioethics and Gender Issues

Lee Edmonds – End of Life Considerations: Scripture and Science
Lisa Schmidt – Responding Biblically to Guilt and Shame
Kevin Carson – Walking with People through Palliative Care and Hospice Care
Bill Shannon – Who Am I?
Keith Christensen – Guarding Against Wrong Ideas of a Husband’s Authority
Paul Tautges – Designer Gender or Gender Designer?
Martha Peace – The Feminist Influence
Hannah Carter – The Single Woman and Complementarianism
Daniel Kirk – Counseling Those with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction
Deborah Dewart – Update: Sexuality and Gender in the Courts

Session 4 – Holy Spirit in Counseling

Nate Brooks – Do Integrationists and Biblical Counselors Understand the Holy Spirit the Same Way?
Matthew Shackelford – Dying to Live
Jill Wamsley – Looking for God in all the Wrong Places
Terry Enns – Full to Overflowing: The Cruciality of Being Spirit-Filled Counselors
Amy Baker – Understanding Human Trafficking
Mark Shaw – The Practical Outworking of the Holy Spirit in Addiction Counseling
Scott Mehl – Spirit-Empowered Counseling
Paul Lamey – How Shall We Reach Them? A Path for Ministering to the Sexually Broken, Abused, Disfigured, and Confused
Tim Keeter – How Does the Holy Spirit Guide Christians?

Session 5 – Counseling Methodology

Shelbi Cullen – Lessons Learned from Counseling the Sexually Abused
George Sanders – Is It Possible to Forgive Where There is No Repentance? Answers from the Lives of Christ and Joseph
Andrew Rogers – Teach Counselees to Pray
Armand Tiffe – The Liberating Truth of Romans 6
Ken Shultz – 5 Stops on the Path of Repentance
Brad Bigney – The Key to Reviving a Broken or Stagnant Marriage
Jim Newheiser – A Charitable, Biblical Critique of the Five Love Languages
Lisa Anderson – What To Do With All That Information
Tim Pasma – Biblical Counseling & Confidentiality

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