2020: Biblical Counseling and Legal Issues


One of the most difficult tasks the church will face in our culture is navigating legal issues related to counseling. ACBC is committed to helping equip the church to understand current legal issues and to provide resources to navigate these often confusing situations. Our 2020 Pre-Conference is dedicated to equipping the people of the church to understand the legal ramifications of biblical counseling and how you can confidently counsel the whole Scripture of God.

Session 1 – Ed Wilde – Why Would the State Seek to Regulate Biblical Counseling

Session 2 – George Crawford – Church Employment Law & Reporting

Session 3 – Steve Viars – Shepherding the Flock through Legal Issues

Session 4 – Deborah Dewart – Biblical Counseling and Religious Liberty

Session 5 – Todd Sorell – The Relationship Between the Local Church and a Local Lawyer


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