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Military Chaplaincy

Military chaplaincy remains one of the only professions granted privileged communication requiring complete confidentiality. ACBC’s Standards of Conduct place limits upon confidentiality in certain cases which would require “the disclosure of certain kinds of information to certain parties” in situations including, but not limited to, the confronting of sin, reporting illegal activity, and protecting those who may be threatened with harm. Chaplains may find some provision from this potential dilemma between chaplain policy and ACBC Standards through their endorsing agency. 

As Christians, we affirm that it is inconsistent with biblical principles to withhold biblical morality and mandates in counseling and soul care, in deference to codes of ethics and policies, such as military chaplain regulations, which restrict Christian principles and truths. With these concerns in mind, ACBC welcomes chaplains or candidates for chaplaincy to engage in our Phase One training in order to further discern the philosophical and theological underpinnings that distinguish biblical counseling from other approaches.  

Since counseling is fundamentally theological in nature, ACBC reserves the right to deny current chaplains or chaplain candidates from continuing the certification process due to the ethical and moral restrictions placed upon them. However, those who have completed Phase One and wish to continue in progression with ACBC certification may make an appeal for consideration with the ACBC Membership and Certification department. Appeals can be sent to [email protected].