TIL 126 : Truth in Love Live (Special Edition)

On this special edition of Truth in Love LIVE at the ACBC 2018 Annual Conference, Heath Lambert answers live questions from the viewers.

2017 ACBC Truth In Love Live from ACBC on Vimeo.

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2017 ACBC Annual Conference Special Event Video Time Stamp Questions

6:55 “If the Bible is sufficient, then why do we have a bookstore at our conference?”

8:50: “Are there any benefits in psychology that we can use to help the heart restoration of our broken counselees?”

13:26: “In light of recent events, how is you talking about the differences between biblical counseling and integration not speaking the truth in love?”

19:28: “Seven years ago I was having what seemed like focal seizures. I was tested by two neurologists and was told there was nothing wrong with me. I sought counseling from a NANC counselor who recommended more Bible study and that I should search to relieve these symptoms. My seizure activity continued and with the improvement of technology and an impatient week at Dartmouth-Hitchcock hospital, it was found that I’ve had a brain tumor and a frontal lobe epilepsy deep in my brain. The scans confirmed and clearly showed the medical evidence. Here is my question or concern with your ministry: for seven years I was told that I did not need medication, but that this was a spiritual issue. How can you really know if something is medical or not? My experience has left me with bitterness for NANC counseling when it comes to what are perceived as “mental issues.” Please provide input as our church is considering being a part of your ministry and I have some deep concerns. I do appreciate your counseling ministry and have seen wise and fruitful results for many.”

26:24: “Where is the best place to start with a new church that is trying to start biblical counseling within their church?” And we had another question that’s similar: “How do you introduce biblical counseling to a church?”

29:36: “Do you feel that promoting certification creates an unnecessary bar for people who want to help other people by making them feel like they are not competent to counsel unless they have received extensive training?”

36:14: “What are some, if any, differences between ACBC and CCEF?”

38:39: “What is the role of women in biblical counseling?”

44:56: “Do you think there is a time for separation in marriage other than when there is imminent danger (i.e. emotional abuse, sexual addiction, etc.) and what would be your biblical defense for your position? If your answer is no, how would you suggest a woman can be best shepherded when extreme cases arise and there is much to sort out but there is not physical violence?”

51:02: Why would ACBC or the Bible not be supportive of trying to go and dig up suppressed memories? And if the person can’t remember abuse, they need to try to figure out how can they be healed.”

53:46: “How can we discern whether someone suffering from a transgender identity (gender dysphoria) is struggling with mental illness, a physical disorder between the brain and the body present since birth, or a spiritual identity issue? These seem like real possibilities to me.”

59:15: “What is the theme of next year’s conference?”

1:00:16: “How can people listen to this podcast on a weekly basis?”

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  • J Scott
    August 27, 2018

    Health Lambert is not qualified to teach/comment on spousal abuse. And it is a good thing he will no longer be directing ACBC. ACBC leadership needs humility and should learn from people who are actually experienced in domestic violence, like Chris Moles. I am not recommending ACBC’s fall conference.

  • mm
    Sean Perron
    September 6, 2018

    Thank you for your comment! We are thrilled to learn from Chris Moles. He is ACBC certified and has been scheduled to speak at our Fall conference this year. You can check out the details here:

  • J Scott
    October 1, 2018

    I apologize for my uncharitable public comments regarding Dr. Lambert and ACBC. It was not the place nor the way to communicate my concerns regarding ACBC. And was not consistent with the character and of Christ.
    I am sorry.

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