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An Evaluation of the Sexual Identity Construct (Part 2)

Truth In Love 416

How do we evaluate, expose, and explain to our counselees the ideology behind sexual identity construct?

May 29, 2023

Ministering the Book of Lamentations: Giving Hope When Hope Seems Gone

Where do you find hope when hope seems gone?

May 25, 2023

An Evaluation of the Sexual Identity Construct (Part 1)

Truth In Love 415

Why is modern psychology’s sexual identity construct so pervasive, dangerous, and deceitful?

May 22, 2023

Biblical Discernment, Neuroscience and Trauma

Truth in Love 414

When people attempt to simplify neuroscience to make it relatable and understandable, we often lose critical information. How can we discern the truth behind claims related to trauma?

Engaging Trauma Biblically

Truth In Love 413

How much does the Bible really say about trauma?

May 8, 2023

Discerning Trauma Informed Therapy

Truth In Love 412

Is trauma-informed care biblical?

May 1, 2023

Feelings and Faith

Truth in Love 410

How do we begin to define and think about emotions through the lens of Scripture?

Apr 17, 2023

Thinking Biblically About Autism

Truth In Love 409

Does the Bible speaks about autism?

Apr 10, 2023

Considering Loneliness

Truth In Love 408

Why is loneliness more prevalent in a hyper-connected society today?

Apr 3, 2023

Can a Christian Be a Lawyer?

Truth In Love 407

How does a biblical theology of work inform one’s profession in the legal field?

Mar 27, 2023

A Biblical View of Anger

Truth In Love 406

How do we recognize, understand, and biblically deal with anger?

Mar 20, 2023

Counseling Unteachable Counselees

Truth In Love 405

What should we do when our counselees are unteachable?

Mar 13, 2023