2018: Light in the Darkness



  • Over 50 + Hours of counseling content
  • Share with family and friends
  • Focuses on equipping Christians to minister God’s Word to the those involved with abuse


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Plenary Sessions

Session 1 – Dr. Heath Lambert – What Every Victim of Abuse Needs to Know

Session 2 – Greg Gifford – Child and Family Abuse

Session 3 – Pam Gannon – A Testimony of Abuse

Session 4 – Chris Moles – Domestic Abuse

Session 5 – Tim Pasma – Emotional Abuse

Session 6 – Dr. Dale Johnson – Abuse and the Abuser

Breakout Sessions

Session 1 – Marriage

Brad Bigney – Basic Marriage Counseling – Where to Start? What to do? How to end?
Jim Newheiser – Six Keys to Preserving and strengthening your marriage
Scott Mehl – Love is a Choice….and an Action…and an Affection
Kevin Carson – Helpful Diagrams as Tools for Marriage Counseling
Julie Ganscchow – Marriage: Counseling Abandoned Women: Teach them to Live by Faith
Kristen Clark & Bethany Baird – Help and Hope for the Single Woman Longing for Marriage
Sean Perron – Important and Controversial Issues in Pre-Marriage Counseling
Susan Heck – Marriage: What does a Spirit Filled Marriage Look Like
John Lehman – Physical intimacy: God’s Gift to us….our Gift to Each Other
Tony Anderson – The Biblical Role of a Husband
Armand Tiffe – The Husbands Role in the Marriage Relationship

Session 2 – Reconciliation

Stuart Scott – Love Covers What and When
Mark Shaw – How to Conduct an Addiction Intervention
Robert Jones – Rebuilding a Marriage after Betrayal
Bill Shannon – Resolving Conflict: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Lou Priolo – Helping Suspicious People
Tim Keeter – Perseverance for the Believer when there is Resistance to Reconcile
Caroline Newheiser – Guarding against Gossip
Jill Wamsley – Charitable Judgments in Unreconciled Conflicts
Jonathan Holmes – Resolving Chronic Conflict in Marriage Counseling
Garrett Higbee – Resolving Conflict in the Church
Rebekah Hannah – Loving the Manipulative Person

Session 3 – Abuse

Keith Palmer – Verbal Abuse: Sword Words
Steve Viars – Handling Child Abuse Reports and Other Legal Issues
Jim Newheiser – Helping Churches to Handle Cases of Abuse
Martha Peace – Counseling Women in Abusive Relationships
Zondra Scott – Helping Women with Child Sexual Abuse in their Past
Jeremy Pierre – Collateral Damage: Caring for the Family of an Abuse Victim
Deborah Dewart – Legal Issues and Abuse: Risks and Responsibilities
Pam Gannon – Counseling the Fearful Wife
Sherry Allchin – Helping Woman who Experienced Domestic Violence
Amber Komatsu – Certification Overview

Session 4 – Instruction

Andrew Rogers – Homework that Renews the Mind and Effects Biblical Change
Ernie Baker – Planning your Counseling Agenda
John Street – Data Gathering- The Unspoken Failure of Tons of Counselors
Steve Viars – Helping Parents of Special Needs Children
Martha Peace – Counseling Tips
Dan Dodds – Counseling Instruction: A Biblical View on Finances
Lisa Schmidt – Responding Biblically to Temptation
Lisa Anderson – Homework to Build Momentum
Amy Baker – The Soul of a Child – An Introduction to Counseling Children
Jim & Caroline Newheiser – A Biblical Critique of the Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy
Mark Shaw – Counseling an Addict’s Enabler
Pam Gannon – Treasuring God

Session 5 – Counseling Care

Kevin Carson – Biblical Friendship and Authentic Accountability
George Scipione – The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Counseling
Rush Witt – Engaging Reluctant Counselees
Ronald Allchin – Who is the Counselor’s Counselor?
Susan Heck – What are our Responsibilities to those we Counsel
Wayne & Sandra Nieman – Ministering to Men and Women Suffering from Dementia
Bob Kellemen – Applying The Gospel to Christians with a Tender Conscience
Brad Brandt – Joy in Sorrow: Helpful Families as they Say Goodbye to a Loved One
Andrew Rogers – Hermeneutics: How to Read the Bible
David Champagne – Discipling, Liturgy, and Biblical Counseling in the Church
Howard Eyrich – Counseling Those Who Are Parenting Their Parents