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Stuart Scott

is ACBC's Director of Member Care and Professor of Biblical Counseling at Bob Jones University and Seminary in Greenville, SC.

Everyday Communication for Spouses

Truth in Love 455

Practical ways to apply biblical communication in marriage.

Mar 4, 2024

Lou Priolo, My Mentor and Friend

A Tribute to Lou Priolo

Dec 8, 2023

Encouraging Parents with Unbelieving Children

Truth In Love 377

Is it the parents’ fault if their children are unsaved? How can we encourage parents who have wayward children?

Aug 22, 2022

Transactional Forgiveness

Truth In Love 359

There needs to be a proper understanding of key biblical doctrines to understand forgiveness.

Apr 18, 2022

Ministering to Those with Brain Injuries

Stuart Scott discusses how to minister spiritually and practically to people who have suffered brain injuries and their families.

Jul 1, 2021

Considering the Duluth Model

Truth in Love 316

When dealing with problems such as abuse and injustice, believers should be zealous in searching the Scriptures for ways to act in a God-pleasing manner.

Jun 21, 2021

Practical Tips for One Anothering

Truth in Love 304

The Bible is practical in how it instructs us to love one another.

Mar 29, 2021

Spiritual Warfare in the Family

Truth in Love 283

No one claims parenting to be an easy task, but we often forget it’s actually a crucial arena of all-out war.

Nov 2, 2020

Four Ways to Grow in Counseling Practice

Truth in Love 274

May we be saturated and filled with the Scriptures as we give counsel that comes from the Lord.

Aug 31, 2020

The Shifting Definition of Biblical Counseling

Truth in Love 265

How do we help our people discern what is biblical counseling, as the definition is changing all around?

Jul 13, 2020

What Does Love Cover?

Explore an exegetical and correlational view on the issues of covering sin and forgiveness as seen in the Scriptures.

May 27, 2020

Addressing the Caricatures of ACBC

Truth in Love 241

It’s vital that we not mischaracterize someone’s view on a subject.

Jan 13, 2020