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Matthew Statler

is the Pastor at Sierra Vista Baptist Church in Arizona and an ACBC certified member. He served in the Army from 2003-2013 and graduated from SBTS with an MDiv in Biblical Counseling.

God’s Grace Through PTSD

Truth in Love 437

How should biblical counselors minister the sufficient Word for hard cases such as PTSD?

Oct 23, 2023

Biblical Counseling Journeys (feat. Matt Statler)

Truth in Love 436

Matthew Statler’s journey to biblical counseling after he sought help and hope through secular therapies and practices after experiencing sin and suffering through four military deployments.

Oct 16, 2023

God’s Redemptive Use of Trauma (Part 2)

How do we biblically evaluate the secular counseling system that addresses trauma?

Sep 23, 2022

God’s Redemptive Use of Trauma (Part 1)

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Sep 21, 2022