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Brad Brandt

has been the pastor at Wheelersburg Baptist Church since 1987. He is a certified biblical counselor and Fellow with ACBC.

Ministering the Book of Lamentations: Giving Hope When Hope Seems Gone

Where do you find hope when hope seems gone?

May 25, 2023

How Not to Counsel: Learning from Job’s Friends

Truth in Love 352

It’s important to stop and consider the ways in which we are counseling. Are our words consistent with what God has said in His Word?

Feb 28, 2022

The Stewardship of Suffering

Truth in Love 291

How can we view suffering as a stewardship entrusted to us by God?

Dec 28, 2020

The Value of Training in Biblical Counseling

One pastor’s testimony of how God used biblical counseling training to sustain his ministry—and himself.

Oct 23, 2020

Suffering with Chronic Pain While Clinging to Enduring Hope

Three expressions of God’s grace to consider in the face of chronic pain—prayer, promises, and people.

Jun 17, 2020

Practical Help for the Family from Proverbs

Truth in Love 242

Proverbs is wisdom literature, and one of the great themes in the book is family relationships.

Jan 20, 2020

Helping Families Say Goodbye

Truth in Love 197

The Bible gives us confidence that we can, as believers, have joy even in the midst of suffering.

Mar 12, 2019

Living With Chronic Pain

Truth in Love 71

Hear this encouragement to trust in the Lord and cling to prayer, God’s promises, God’s people, and physicians.

Apr 5, 2017

Ministering the Book of Lamentations

Helping People Find Hope When Hope Seems Gone

The third chapter of the book of Lamentations provides counselors with a four pronged view of biblical hope.

Mar 21, 2017