Phase 3: Supervision


Phase 3 is where the elements learned in Phases 1 and 2 are put into practice. In other words, Phase 3 is where the rubber meets the road. Over the course of a year, you will complete 50 sessions of supervised counseling with an ACBC Fellow.

Phase 3 Process

  • 1. Fellow Selection

    Choose a Fellow from a list of available Fellows sent to you after you pass your exams.

  • 2. Notify ACBC

    Notify the ACBC office once the Fellow has agreed to be your supervisor. (No counseling hours may be counted before you have received approval to begin Phase 3 from the ACBC office.)

  • 3. 50 Sessions

    Complete 50 sessions (of at least one hour length) of supervised counseling.

    – Counseling supervision is often completed remotely via email and telephone.

    – You will need to complete and send your supervisor a Case Report for each counseling session.

    – At least 10 sessions must be with the same counselee.

    – Audio record a minimum of 5 sessions to review and discuss with your supervising Fellow.

    – The 50 sessions must be completed within one year.

  • 4. Case Report Review

    Meet with your supervisor to review each Case Report.

  • 5. Recommendation for Membership

    After you have completed 50 sessions of counseling that your supervisor is satisfied with, he will submit a recommendation for membership.

Tip: Don't let the idea of 50 supervised sessions overwhelm you! This is an amazing time to learn and grow even more and to be personally coached and guided by a seasoned ACBC Fellow.

Helpful Documents

Phase 3 FAQs

How do I locate an ACBC Fellow for supervision?

A list of Fellows currently supervising will be sent to you once you have passed the exams. Write to one at a time via email and include the following points:

  • Inform them of your interest for them to supervise you.
  • Send him the email stating that your exams passed and that you are cleared for the supervision phase. Supervision done before being cleared by the ACBC office will not count toward your 50 sessions (the only exceptions are formerly approved MABC programs).
  • State when and where you completed your basic training, the type of ministry with which you are currently involved, and the number of counseling cases you typically have per week.
  • Clearly state all of your contact information.
  • Allow at least five days for his answer. If you do not hear from him within five days, you can move onto the next Fellow. There could be a number of reasons that a Fellow does not get back to you soon, including vacation, mission trips, and ministry demands.
  • When you talk to a potential supervisor ask how much he charges for supervision and his policies and procedures. ACBC policy allows for each supervisor to charge up to$650 per individual being supervised.
  • Supervised counseling is typically done via email and telephone by using the Case Report Form. You do not need to live near an ACBC Fellow (Supervisor) in order to complete this phase.

Can my spouse and I counsel together for supervision?

No. ACBC does see great wisdom in team counseling, but for the purpose of certification, your supervisor must determine that you can bear the entire load of preparing for and conducting the counseling session. For the counseling case you submit for supervision, you should be the only counselor participating in the session. You may have an individual sit in on the sessions with you to gather data, but you must be leading and directing the session.

How long do I have to get the required 50 sessions of supervision done?

You have one year from the date that your exams passed. If you will not finish in the one year allowed, you can apply for an extension. Email for the required paperwork and current extension fee rate.

Once I finish my counseling, what’s next?

  • Once you have completed your Supervised Counseling, your supervisor will notify the ACBC office and make a recommendation for membership.
  • When the ACBC office receives this letter, you will be notified by email and sent a current Membership Covenant to sign and return with the current membership dues.
  • Once the ACBC office receives your dues and completed covenant, we will send you your official certificate, and you will be added to the list of members on the ACBC website (unless otherwise specified).
  • You will be publicly recognized as a new ACBC Member at the next Annual Conference.
  • As an ACBC member you will also receive discounts to ACBC events.