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Welcome to Counselor’s Toolbox, an exclusive learning guide built by ACBC to deepen your knowledge of the biblical counseling movement. Inside every box you will find a book recommended by ACBC, along with an exclusive Companion Guide to lead you through the resource. You will also receive a personal update from behind the scenes of ACBC. With each new edition, Counselor’s Toolbox will impact your knowledge of biblical counseling and strengthen your personal ministry.

Let’s pursue excellence together.

$40 / month | $480 / year

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Why Counselor’s Toolbox

Deepen Your Partnership

You will be kept up to date with the latest in the biblical counseling world from the headquarters of ACBC. Receive personal communication from ACBC leaders about the state of the biblical counseling movement and the inside operations of ACBC.

Strengthen Your Ministry

You will deepen your knowledge of biblical counseling in a personally tailored way as you receive significant books in the biblical counseling movement delivered to your doorstep. You will read along with a community of other counselors across the country. You will also receive an ACBC Companion Guide to help you turn your knowledge into action.

Expand Your Impact

Invest in others while also investing in your personal ministry. With Counselor’s Toolbox, you partner with ACBC to advance the cause of biblical counseling and see lives changed through your generosity!

How it Works

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    Sign up for a monthly or yearly donation gift to enroll and receive the Counselor’s Toolbox.

  • Receive Counselor's Toolbox

    Receive the Counselor’s Toolbox at your door. At the start of every quarter – January, April, July, October – we will deliver a unique and personalized Counselor’s Toolbox to your home or office.

  • Open your box

    Explore the goodies inside! Every box will contain a valuable biblical counseling resource, an ACBC guide, and personalized updates on the ministry of ACBC. You may find a surprise in your box as well!

  • Start Learning

    Improve your knowledge and skills in biblical counseling as you dive into your book with numerous other Biblical Counseling Partners and your new ACBC Companion Guide.

  • Biblical Counseling Partnership

    Stay up to date on the behind-the-scenes action from ACBC with our exclusive monthly newsletter and Partners Podcast – a few of the many perks of being an ACBC Biblical Counseling Partner.

  • Give Feedback

    Have an idea? Share your thoughts on how the ACBC Counselor’s Toolbox can help your ministry. Email

Monthly Donation Plan
Enroll in the $40/mo donation plan and you will receive your quarterly Counselor's Toolbox.

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Yearly Donation Plan
Enroll in the $480/yr donation plan and you will receive your quarterly Counselor's Toolbox.

Free shipping on all boxes.

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“I think it is great that ACBC is taking this opportunity to equip our ministry partners. I am really excited about this investment in ACBC and in the kingdom.”

– Dr. Heath Lambert | Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL

What’s Inside

Biblical Counseling Resource

ACBC hand-picked resource to impact your understanding of the biblical counseling movement

Companion Guide

A personally adapted guide to help you maximize each resource

Key Quotes

Insightful quotes from your resource

Further Study

Resource list for further study in biblical counseling

Action Plan

A guide for developing a plan of action to apply your studies


Goals to help you stay on top of your reading

Inside Scoop

Updates from the headquarters of ACBC on the inner workings of ACBC and the state of the biblical counseling movement


Surprises to express our gratitude for your support

“This package will keep biblical counseling partners up to date with the latest in the biblical counseling world while also informing them of resources to impact them and their ministries.”

– Sean Perron | ACBC Member and Partner

“The counselor’s toolbox is aimed to keep you engaged in and informed about the biblical counseling movement. You will be challenged and convicted by the selective materials, as well as furnished with tools for growth in your counseling ministry as you minister God’s Word to the broken.”

– Dr. Dale Johnson | Executive Director, ACBC

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Counselor's Toolbox cost?

The Counselor’s Toolbox is an exclusive resource for ACBC donors. To qualify for the Counselor’s Toolbox one must maintain a $40 a month or $480 a year donation to ACBC. Donors who already give above the minimum requirements may receive the quarterly resource by submitting a request to

What is included in each box?

1. An ACBC recommended book: We will choose forgotten books, books fresh off the press, academic books, and discipleship books.

2. Companion Guide: Our guides will be adapted to maximize each resource with features like reading plans, summaries, key quotes, note-taking frameworks, action plans, and resources for going deeper on the subjects that interest you.

3. Personal Updates: You will receive the inside scoop from ACBC leadership on the ministry of ACBC and current events of the biblical counseling movement.

4. ACBC will also include various special surprises in the toolboxes.

When will my box arrive?

The Counselor’s Toolbox will ship out at the start of every standard quarter: January, April, July, and October. Donors will receive their box within the start month of each quarter. When signing up for Counselor’s Toolbox you can expect to receive the upcoming quarter’s toolbox.

What if I already donate?

If you donate more than $40 a month or $480 a year, then you qualify to recieve the Counselor’s Toolbox. Please submit a request to to get started.

If you donate under $40 a month or $480 a year you do not yet qualify for Counselor’s Toolbox. You may get started today!

One can qualify as a Biblical Counseling Partner ($25/mo) without qualifying to receive the Counselor’s Toolbox ($40/mo).

What is a Biblical Counseling Partner?

One can qualify as a Biblical Counseling Partner ($25/mo) without qualifying to receive the Counselor’s Toolbox ($40/mo).

Find out more information about being Biblical Counseling Partner!

What about Foreign Donors?

Foreign donations are handled on a case-by-case bases. Please email for questions regarding international donor box shipments.


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