Trauma-Informed Counseling


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Despite its claims of brain science and evidence-based research, contemporary trauma theory is an ever-moving target that seeks to explain both the diagnosis and the prescription for a broad range of human experiences related to difficulties, suffering, and trials. This booklet will help biblical counselors in exposing the shortcomings and unbiblical views of trauma-informed counseling. While it is evident that those employing trauma-informed counseling care deeply for victims, biblical counselors should have confidence in the wisdom of God, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the power of the Gospel to counsel believers who have experienced trauma toward true, lasting change for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Ernie Baker is the Pastor of Counseling Supervision and Equipping at First Baptist Jacksonville. He is also a biblical counseling professor and has written extensively on biblical counseling including his book Marry Wisely, Marry Well. Ernie is an ACBC Fellow and is a conciliator with The Institute for Christian Conciliation.