Fatherly Discipline

Fatherhood is simultaneously an esteemed privilege and a daunting assignment. When your brand-new infant is placed in your arms for the first time, your heart is overwhelmed with joy. At the same time, the weight of responsibility can be crushing as you load your vulnerable baby in your car and...

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Is Biblical Counseling Really CBT?

A couple of weeks ago I was in the library at the theological seminary I work at, skimming through a handful of integrationist works on counseling. One volume in particular caught my eye as it contained an evaluation of Jay Adams’ early “Nouthetic Counseling” model. The author concluded that despite...

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A Time for Choosing

Biblical Counseling, Southwestern Seminary, and Standing with the Weak, Oppressed, and Abused When I was in elementary school I lived with my alcoholic mother who regularly abused and neglected me and my twin brother. One afternoon I dropped some eggs on the floor, infuriating mom. She picked up a mop to...

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