Engaging the Culture in 2018

(An edited transcript) Dr. Heath Lambert: One of the problems that people face is a culture that Christians are noticing seems to be changing, and changing on us very fast. We want to talk about this with our guest this week, Dr. Albert Mohler. He is the president of the Southern...

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Recommended Summer Reading List

Happy first day of Summer! We have created a list of 6 books related to counseling for your summer reading. To finish them by the end of summer (September 21), the pace is about one book every two weeks. For your convenience, we have provided a printable schedule for you...

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Fatherly Discipline

Fatherhood is simultaneously an esteemed privilege and a daunting assignment. When your brand-new infant is placed in your arms for the first time, your heart is overwhelmed with joy. At the same time, the weight of responsibility can be crushing as you load your vulnerable baby in your car and...

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