TIL 243: What the Bible says about Codependency (feat. Cheryl Bell)

Featuring:  1. How does a biblical view of codependency differ from a secular view? 2. How does Scripture describe the consequences of this heart attitude and behavioral response? 3. How does God respond to those who chose codependence over God-dependence?   Dale Johnson: Dr. Sam Stephens, our Director of Training Center Certification, was able to sit...

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George Scipione | A Tribute

"I thank God for the life of George Scipione. He was my professor of counseling in seminary in 1987 and then my mentor as we worked together in IBCD (formerly CCEF) starting in 1994 (2 Tim. 2:2).  George asked me to take over as Director of IBCD in 2006. George was...

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The Lost Art of Bible Meditation

Everyone meditates. Really? Yes. Our minds are constantly dwelling on something. Sadly, many of us allow our minds to wander dangerously into the realm of alluring thoughts, discouraging thoughts, distracting thoughts, worrying thoughts, etc. What we really need is biblical meditation whereby we fix our restless minds on God’s Word...

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