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This list is not to be solicited for anything other than seeking a counselor.

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Mrs. Yingyu Amanda Lin

Chicago, IL 60615

Chinese (Mandarin), English (United States)

Matthew Wilbanks

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Mrs. Jennifer Pearson

Pensacola, FL 32505

English (United States)

Mrs. Dawn West

Milton, FL 32583

English (United States)

Mrs. Rosalind Schlabitz

Windhoek, KH 9000

Afrikaans, English (United Kingdom)

Tips for Using the Map

  • Search our map by zooming in on certain locations, or by using the filter tools (locations are approximations).
  • Contact ACBC counselors directly through their preferred method of communication.
  • When seeking to secure a counselor, provide them with a brief explanation as to why you are seeking counsel, but avoid giving details about your case until they have agreed to counsel you and provide you with a Personal Data Inventory (PDI).
  • Our female counselors will strive to avoid formally counseling men since this generally requires the task of teaching men with authority which is forbidden by Scripture.
  • Our male counselors will likewise be committed to ministry to women, but will strive to avoid ongoing, one-to-one counsel with women because of the biblical admonitions to stay above reproach and to avoid any hint of sin.
  • If you have any questions about using the “Find a Counselor” map, please contact us at [email protected] or 816-282-2836.

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