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Counseling with Psalm 19

God has revealed Himself through creation and Scripture. How do these twin truths inform our counseling?

Counseling Tips

Truth in Love 207

Don’t forget to keep the gospel central in the counseling room.

Threats to Biblical Counseling

Truth in Love 228

Stand firm on the authority of God’s Word and its sufficiency to deal with the problems that people face.

Raising Men, Not Boys

Truth in Love 222

How do we intentionally, as parents, raise boys to be men?

Gracious Words Amid Sword Thrusts

Are your words gracious gifts that land pleasantly on the one listening or sources of grumbling and disputing?

Domestic Abuse

Truth in Love 210

The church, and in particular biblical counselors, have the answers to see the church become the safest place on the planet.

Amy Baker – How to Live with a Bitter Person

How to Live with a Bitter Person – Amy Baker (Breakout Session 4)

Personality Traits

Truth in Love 204

Christian growth is about maturing your personality to better reflect the character of God.

Honoring Jay Adams (1929-2020)

Truth in Love 286

One of the ways that Scripture tells us to be grateful is to honor those who have passed the Word of God down to us.

Christmas with the Yuille Family

Truth in Love 238

Spend more time developing some of the central truths and events surrounding Christ’s Advent into the world.

David Powlison – Good News for the Mentally Ill

Good News for the Mentally Ill – David Powlison (Plenary Session 1)

The Method of Biblical Counseling

Truth in Love 270

To speak the truth in love: a primary guiding factor when thinking about the method of biblical counseling.