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Counseling Those with Panic Attacks

Truth in Love 285

When counseling those who struggle with panic attacks, we must turn to the character of God.

Ministering to Those with Brain Injuries

Stuart Scott discusses how to minister spiritually and practically to people who have suffered brain injuries and their families.

Confident Living

Developing biblical confidence requires us to put off fear and put on trust and faith in our Heavenly Father.

Helping Women Put Off Life-Dominating Sins

Susan Heck talks about common sins that Christians commit. She provides biblical definitions and practical tips for putting off sin.

How Compassionate is Your Counseling?

Do others see Christ’s compassion demonstrated in your words and actions?

Threats to Biblical Counseling

Truth in Love 228

Stand firm on the authority of God’s Word and its sufficiency to deal with the problems that people face.

Who Is the Counselor’s Counselor?

The Holy Spirit is called alongside to help you as your helper and counselor.

What’s God Got to Do With It?

When tragedy strikes, believers are often quick to deflect responsibility from the Lord.

French Pastries and Biblical Counseling

When we put the labels in biblical terms, we can find biblical solutions and offer hope.

Godly Leadership In The Home

Truth in Love 17

Another word for leadership is being courageous and fearing God rather than fearing man.

Mind vs Brain

Truth In Love 360

What is the difference between the brain and the mind, biblically speaking?

The Counselor’s Hidden Sins

Truth in Love 324

God makes very clear that our sins are not hidden. They are open and laid bare by God Himself.