They Will Know Us By Our Love

Psychology Today recently posted an article called “On the Myth of Chemical Imbalance” by Mark L. Ruffalo who is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of South Florida and maintains a private practice of psychotherapy in Tampa, FL.

In the article Ruffalo references Allen Francis from Duke University School of Medicine and Ronald W. Pies from the State University of New York and Tufts University School of Medicine. Many people are shocked when secular psychologists and psychiatrists do not believe science supports the chemical imbalance theory.

Regardless of the genesis of the problem, we can be sure that creation is groaning. People have experienced the pain, confusion, and brokenness that are in the world. People who know the problems of mental illness have legitimate experiences and the church must pay attention.

The church of Jesus Christ cannot be silent on an issue that is impacting millions of people. We cannot afford to get this issue wrong or have nothing to say.

We have a better goal than debunking the chemical imbalance theory. We will leave that issue up to professionals from Harvard and Duke. We must be the people who know how to extend the care and love of Christ.

The church must be filled with people who are saying “There is hope and we can help.” The church must be able to skillfully and biblically address the complex issues that mental illness presents to us. We need the good news found in the pages of Scripture. We need the very great and precious promises that are ours through our resurrected Savior.

The Psychology Today article is controversial. But the mission for Christians is not. Our mission is not up for debate. Our mission is to be the most caring and compassionate people the world has ever known. We must be ready and able to help.


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Sean Perron
Sean Perron is the director of operations at ACBC. He is the co-author of “Letters to a Romantic: On Dating” and “Letters to a Romantic: On Engagement.” (P&R, 2017)
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  • Chris O'Donnell
    October 27, 2017


    I appreciate your article and think our call to love the hurting cannot be overstated. This is no doubt “a controversial issue” and because of that, it needs to be addressed with compassion and sensitivity.

    I read the article “On the myth of chemical imbalance” and found the information helpful and insightful. What has been labeled mental “disorders” along with the exorbitant use of medications should be understood not just by professionals but Christians desiring to come alongside those that are suffering.

    It would be an error not to educate ourselves to the many facets of this serious issue. The call to love includes wisdom, knowledge, and speaking the truth to the many broken souls desperately looking for answers. As a discipler, I want to care for people with the kind of love that is willing to explore and expose improper diagnoses and treatments, even if it’s controversial.

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