Weekly Resource- Godly Living with an Ungodly Spouse

Tony Anderson is the Executive Pastor and Pastor of Counseling at Christian Family Chapel in Jacksonville, FL. He gave this session at the 2014 ACBC Annual Conference. In this session, Anderson walks through where a counselor should begin with a spouse who loves the Lord whose spouse does not. He talks about some key questions to ask the counselee. He highlights key passages and concepts that a counselor will want to consider. He also gives resources for counselors to learn how to better handle these marriage conflicts. For this week, you can purchase this session for 99 cents. You can also purchase the complete conference card for the 2014 Annual Conference, The Gospel and Mental Illness.

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  • Cathy Adams
    November 15, 2016

    Can I buy two copies, one for myself and another to give to a friend?

  • ACBC Intern
    November 15, 2016

    Yes! You can send them the email confirmation and link with your second purchase. Enjoy!

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