Weekly Resource- The Doctrine of the Church and Biblical Counseling


Steve Viars gave this plenary session at the ACBC Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2016. In this session, Viars discusses the importance of the church for biblical counseling and how the local church is the most effective platform for counseling. He also talks about how ACBC (then called NANC) has had a history of functioning as a familial organization centered around the local church and this has led to many years of faithfulness in biblical counseling. If you would like to purchase more sessions from the 2016 Annual Conference, Truth in Love, you can do so in our online store.

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  • Lena M Martin
    December 6, 2016

    A Christ centered message; thanks for making it available. “Work first in me Lord. Your Word bears witness to truth.” Jesus Christ is truth.
    I find in me selfish inclination to want to fix it when I hear a problem. Something that rises out of anxiety. I desire a heart of empathy; with full trust in the Healer, the Lover of sinners.
    Lena Martin ACBC student Sun Valley CA.

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