Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity

Dr. Heath Lambert recently spoke on the topic of “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity” at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte.

Dr. Lambert argues that there are three convictional categories that everyone possesses. First, everyone believes in some kind of authority. Second, everyone believes there is a difference between right and wrong. Third, everyone is seeking to bring about conversion or to bring their lives into alignment with their perceived authority. He then discusses these three convictional categories from the perspective of those people in the transgender community and from the perspective of Bible believing Christians.

Christians need to address those struggling with gender dysphoria as fellow strugglers with sin in a world broken by sin.

Christians also need to address the culture in a way that is biblical and helpful. They need to boldly proclaim the truths of the Bible in a winsome and helpful manner. They ought to keep at the forefront of their minds that this issue is much bigger than a political agenda. It is about the souls of hurting and struggling people.

Lastly, Dr. Lambert addresses questions from the live audience. This gives people a chance to ask practical questions about the topics that have been previously addressed in the lecture.

If you would like to watch this lecture, click here.

Heath Lambert
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