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Continuing Education

ACBC provides opportunities for certified members to grow both in knowledge and skill as they apply the Scriptures to the problems people face.

Continuing Excellence for the Future

Since its founding, the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors has set standards for excellence in biblical counseling. As ACBC has grown over the last forty years, this calling and purpose remains at the core of what certification represents to counselors and counselees worldwide.

As ACBC moves into the future, it is vital to uphold the integrity of both the certification process as well as the overall quality, competency, and doctrinal standards of our certified members. During the 2021 Annual Conference, certified members voted to approve the addition of continuing education as an ongoing requirement for maintaining membership.

In addition to current renewal components, members in good standing will be required to complete the minimum amount of CEUs on a two-year basis in order to maintain their certified status. These units can be earned through ACBC approved avenues and range from conference attendance to approved reading.

If you would like to review the approved CEU reading list, you can access that list below. Please note that a book’s inclusion does not necessarily suggest an endorsement from ACBC. This list is updated regularly.

About CEUs

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