Continuing Education Units

What are CEUs?

Continuing Education Units (credits)

Who Are They For? 

Certain professions require employees to continue learning each year in the field of their work. CEUs are required as proof that they have obtained those credit hours from an accredited organization. If you are in a profession that requires Bible Continuing Education Units, this may be for you! 

How are we accredited to provide CEUs?

We are accredited through The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), therefore we are able to award Bible CEUs from our training events. 

How many CEUs am I eligible to earn?

The CDT conferences and our online training provides 30 hours of instruction. Each credit is six hours, so you have the opportunity to earn 5 CEU credits.

How do I earn CEUs?

Fill out the form below and an ACBC Staff Member will be in contact with you. This form will require that you enter your ACSI practitioner ID. If you do not know this number, leave it blank and we can look it up for you through your ACSI profile. After this form is submitted and you have attended the training, we will upload the earned CEUs to your ACSI account. ACSI requires that this upload be done digitally, therefore there are no physical certificates awarded.  

Which Trainings Offer CEUs?

Online Training

Regional Trainings


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CEU Credit Form (ACSI)