Certified Training Centers

ACBC Certified Training Centers are institutions that have been vetted and approved by ACBC to offer all of the training, reading, and observations that are required for Phase 1 of ACBC Certification.

From local churches to seminaries to non-profit organizations, our training centers represent a variety of institutions. Moreover, all ACBC Certified Training Centers adhere to rigorous standards of excellence and provide high-quality training in Biblical Counseling.

Certified Training Centers are vital to the biblical counseling movement and to ACBC. Each has been tested and approved by the ACBC Board in terms of both counseling and counselor training ministries. As Certified Centers, the classes offered by each center fulfill the ACBC education requirements for Phase 1 of ACBC Membership. ACBC values these vital partners and invites others to consider joining this network of Certified Training Centers.

What are the benefits of becoming a training center?

  • Your members can be better trained and equipped at your church in order to ‘one-another’ well.
  • As way of reaching your community in providing hope and help for struggling and suffering people.
  • The training you offer is recognized by ACBC as training that meets our Phase 1 requirements.
  • Partnering with ACBC in pursuing excellence in biblical counseling strengthens the biblical counseling movement, but even more importantly, it strengthens the church.
  • Requiring lay counselors, leaders of home groups, bible studies, etc. to go through your Fundamentals Training allows you to know the exact equipping your lay workers have had.
  • ACBC Counseling Specialization Training in Marriage and Reconciliation is offered exclusively through our Certified Training Centers.

If you are interested in becoming an ACBC Certified Training Center, you may contact the Director of Training Center Certification for more information (see below for contact info).

Use our Training Center Map to find the location nearest you.


If you have any questions about how Training Centers work or if you would like to discuss the process to establish one in your area, please contact the Director of Training Center Certification, Sam Stephens, at