TIL 166: Is It a Sin to Be Tempted?

Dr. Heath Lambert discusses whether or not it is a sin to be tempted on this week’s edition of Truth in Love. For more podcasts like this one visit our podcast page.

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  • Josh Stegall
    August 10, 2018

    Dr. Lambert,
    In the TIL on Is It a Sin to be Tempted? You distinguish between internal and external “temptations.” As you know, the word for temptation can also be translated tested. So why not use tested for the external circumstances (as in Satan’s testing of Christ) and temptation for the internal sinful desires as in James 1:14. Hebrews 4:15 would also be better and more accurately translated tested given that James tells us that God does not tempt and cannot be tempted. If God (Christ) cannot be tempted then he was not tempted in the wilderness and has not been tempted in every way that we have been but rather has been externally tested as we have been. Christ never had a sinful desire and therefore could not be tempted. Please help with the confusion.
    By His Grace Alone, Josh

  • Dale Porter
    August 10, 2018

    Thank you Dr. Lambert for this topic: “Is it a sin to be tempted.” It was clear and concise. I plan on using it with my counselees and other people. Sadly, as I have engaged other pastors on this subject with reference to Sam Allbery, the conclusion to his life and ministry is that he automatically is sinning when mentioning the word “temptation.” Any mention of same sex attraction means you have sinned.

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