The Mind of an Addict

Ever wonder what an “addict” is thinking? How can they continue living this way? When will they stop the insanity? Can they stop? What is causing this downward spiral? In the workshop I teach at the ACBC Annual Conference, The Mind of an Addict, I address five basic mentalities driving the heart to make addictive choices and strive to answer these questions and more.

Addictive thinking at its core is idolatrous. The addict thinks like a person entitled to better and more of what he wants to obtain to feed his addiction. It is a worship disorder of the first degree. The workshop is designed to address the heart of addiction with an added bonus: from the perspective of how parents can foster addictive thinking. Well-meaning parents today may unintentionally cultivate a child’s heart toward addictive choices. Therefore, one of my purposes in teaching this workshop is to shed some light on common errors parents make that lead to this type of thinking. More detail can be found in my book, Addiction-Proof Parenting, yet the workshop will enlighten counselors on what to listen for when counseling addicts, parents, grandparents, and enabling friends.

The good news is that the mind of Christ can be fostered in replacement of the mind of an addict! There is real hope. For each of the five basic mentalities of an addict, there is an opposite mentality of Christ to focus upon. I am convinced that biblical counseling focusing upon the goal of living to please God (2 Cor. 5:9) and thinking like Christ will be far more effective than simply focusing on what NOT to do, say, or think. In other words, this workshop will help counselors to motivate their counselees with the “put-on’s” and the benefits of following Christ. It is a positive way to counsel even though we are addressing such a seemingly hopeless situation.

One final benefit to the workshop is that these principles can be applied to other situations of counselees and is not limited to those of addiction. These five heart attitudes of an addict apply to any believer mired in idolatrous sin and any unbeliever. And the good news again is that the five “put-on” mentalities of Christ are for EVERY believer! In the end, this will be a workshop benefit every biblical counselor.

It is an exciting time in the biblical counseling movement as evidenced by such a powerful and relevant ACBC conference. God has provided us with answers giving real hope and practical help to hurting and hardened souls from His Word by His Spirit.

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