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Winter Webinar- The Bible, Medicine, and Medical Issues




How should Christians think about medicine and medical issues? Does the Bible support the use of medical intervention? Is it a sin to take psychotropic drugs?

This webinar includes lectures from four different medical professionals who are certified with ACBC. This webinar is available to everyone who is interested in how to understand medical issues from a biblical perspective.

Sessions Include:

Brothers, We are Not Therapists- Dr. Heath Lambert

What’s Medical about Mental Illness?- Dr. Charles Hodges

What is Mental Illness?- Dr. Daniel Wickert

Drugs and Disillusions-Dr. Dan and Pam Gannon

Depression and Bipolar-Dr. Dan and Pam Gannon

OCD and Perfectionism-Dr. John Street

Counseling End of Life Issues- Dr. Charles Hodges

BONUS: Addressing Alternative Medicine-Dr. Dan and Pam Gannon

BONUS: Ministering to Those with Brain Injuries-Dr. Stuart Scott


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