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From the Vault: Historic Sessions from 1976-2016




From the Vault: Historic Sessions from 1976-2016


This is a special CCCard will be released in October in honor of ACBC’s 40th Anniversary. These sessions have been preserved over the last four decades and have been hand selected by the ACBC staff. Some of these sessions have not been made available in this format until 2016. They cover a wide range of topics and include numerous speakers who have been key leaders in the biblical counseling movement. This CCCard enables you to listen to some of the founders of NANC (now ACBC) and learn from their teaching.


Speakers: Jay Adams, Wayne Mack, David Powlison, Richard Ganz, Stuart Scott, Martha Peace, Randy Patten, Bob Smith, Heath Lambert, George Scipione, John Street, Steve Viars, Tim Pasma, Brad Bigney, Charles Hodges


Sessions Include:

  1. Jay Adams – Theology and Counseling are Inseparable
  2. Jay Adams – Biblical Interpretation and Counseling
  3. Jay Adams – Leading Your Church to Church Discipline
  4. Jay Adams- Competent to Counsel
  5. Bob Smith – How to Counsel the Physically Ill
  6. Wayne Mack – Repentance Turning Point in Counseling – Part 1
  7. Wayne Mack – Repentance Turning Point in Counseling – Part 2
  8. Wayne Mack- The Role of the Church in Counseling
  9. Carol Mack- Being Content
  10. Richard Ganz – Dealing with Bizarre Behavior
  11. Richard Ganz – Counseling from the Book of Psalms
  12. Richard Ganz – From Freud to Jesus
  13. David Powlison – Crucial Issues Ahead
  14. Howard Eyrich- Using Biblical Narratives
  15. Randy Patten- Lessons Learned Through Counseling 
  16. Stuart Scott – Practical Helps When the Counselor Becomes the Counselee
  17. Stuart Scott – Teaching Counselees Proper Prayer
  18. Brad Bigney-Gospel Treason
  19. Martha Peace – Helping Women who are Deeply Disturbed
  20. George Scipione – The Counselor’s Life and Growth
  21. Tim Pasma – Biblical Counseling in a Rural Setting
  22. Steve Viars- Growing from your Past
  23. Lou Priolo – Counseling People with In-Law Problems
  24. John Street – Dealing with Difficult People 
  25. Charles Hodges – What’s Medical About Mental Illness 
  26. Heath Lambert – The Difference and Overlap Between Biblical Counseling and Clinical Therapy 
  27. Heath Lambert – Counseling from the Epistles 
  28. Heath Lambert – Die to Self and Grow in Love 
  29. David Powlison – Good News for the Mentally Ill 
  30. Heath Lambert – The Proclamation of the Gospel as the Foundation of Counseling 


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