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Understanding the Bible Practically


Truth is meant to be applied. ACBC has always sought to equip people to be doers of the Word, not hearers only. This collection is built to further equip you to handle God’s Word in a clear, accurate, and practical way. Listen to these lectures then go into the world and wield God’s Word into the daily lives of those you disciple.



Conference Card Collection

Sessions Include:


1 Proverbs in Counseling – Jay Adams
2 An Exegetical Understanding of the Heart – Steve Viars
3 Pursuing Godliness through the Disciplines – Nicholas Ellen
4 Handling Scriptures Well in Counseling (Applied Hermeneutics) – John Street
5 Counsel the Word from the Text to the Counselee – Kevin Carson
6 Who is Herman Neutics? (Part 1) – Andrew Rogers
7 Who is Herman Neutics? (Part 2) – Andrew Rogers
8 Seeing God in Everyday Life: Ministering the Book of Ruth – Dr. Brad Brandt
9 Counseling and the Bible’s Story – Paul Tripp
10 Trusting God in Adversity: A Study of the life of Joseph – Brad Brandt
11 Job: A Case Study in Counseling Techniques – Kevin Carson
12 Ecclesiastes: God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Life – Kevin Carson
13 Counseling from the Book of Psalms – Richard Ganz
14 Are You Using the Bible Biblically? David Powlison
15 Rightly Understanding Scripture – Lance Quinn
16 Counseling from Romans 6-7 – Jay Adams
17 Using Journals with Scripture for Heart-Level Counseling – Wayne Johnston
18 Counseling from Ephesians – Kevin Carson
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