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Truth In Love: Theology and Biblical Counseling | 2016 Annual Conference

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Plenary Sessions:

Heath Lambert- The Sufficiency of God’s Grace for Counseling

Steve Viars- The Doctrine of the Church

Richard Ganz- The Heart of Counseling

Wayne Mack- The Doctrine of God

Jeremy Pierre- The Doctrine of Man

David Powlison- Historical Reflections on Theology and Biblical Counseling

Panel Discussion- From NANC to ACBC- 40 Years of Biblical Counseling


Breakout Sessions:

Brad Bigney – Counseling to the Glory of God

Keith Palmer – Biblical Pyschosomatics

Wayne Mack – Doctrine of Wisdom

Randy Patten – Organizing and Formalizing the Church’s Counsleing Ministry

Lilly Park – How The Doctrine of Man Impacts Counseling

Lisa Schmidt – Counseling and Facing Temptation

Caroline Newheiser – Helping Women Rely on Scripture

George Sanders – Mental Illness, Medicine, and Biblical Counseling

Andrew Rogers – The Effect of Sin on Our Thinking

Garrett Higbee – The Role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling

Wayne Vanderwier – Three Characteristics of Disciplemaking Culture in the Church

Martha Peace – The Goodness of God in Counseling

Robert Jones – When Hardships Hit: 7 Ways God Uses Suffering to Make us Like Jesus

Brad Brandt – Helping Counselees Avoid Temptaion

Rebekah Hannah – Confidence in Christ as the Foundation for Identity

Deborah Dewart – Biblical Counseling and the Conscience

Deepak Reju- The Doctrine of God in Counseling

Paul Tautges – Joseph’s Theology of Providence

Tim Pasma – Contemporary Threats to Justification

Wayne Johnston – Counseling with Christlike Love

Stuart Scott – Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of the Church

George Scipione – God Centered Counseling

Kevin Carson – The Holy Spirits Role in the Change Process

Joe Propri – Evaluating Genuine Repentance

Tony Anderson – Living the Spirit Empowered Life

Scott Mehl – Plurality of Elders and Equipping the Church for Counseling

Kevin Backus – Whats God Got to Do With it?

Ernie Baker – Getting to the Heart of Conflict

Lee Edmonds – Medical Issues and Sin

Jim Koerber – The Doctrine of Suffering in The Context of the Aging Believer

Amber Komatsu – Certification

Charles Hodges – The Sufficiency of Scripture and Medicine Integration

Bob Kelleman – Biblical Anchors for Parakeletic Counseling

Kevin Carson – Counseling and Christ the Savior

Robert Jones – Counseling and the Ascension of Christ

Wayne Johnston – Starting a Training Center in Your Local Church

John Street – Biblical Counseling and the Inerrancy of Scripture

Jill Wamsley – Suffering Through the Ministry of Mercy

Craig Rowe – Counseling Presuppositionally

Lee Lewis – Our Great Advantage that is Often Overlooked

Mark Shaw – Addiction Counseling in the Local Church

Keith Palmer – Mysticism in Counseling

Julie Ganchow – Repentance and Sexual Sin

Susan Heck – Who is the Lord in Counseling

Jim Newheiser – The Necessity of the Local Church in Counseling

Bill Winton – Training Counselees to Study the Bible

Tim Keeter – God’s Grace in My Cancer

Martha Peace – The Doctrine of Justification in Counseling

Kevin Carson – Counseling and the Person of Christ

Lee Edmonds – Mental Illness and the Nature of Man

Howard Eyrich – A Scriptural Framework for Marriage

Andrew Rogers – Counseling Those Who Struggle with Guilt

Jim Fain – Should We Confront or Overlook Sin?

Jim Fain – Conformity to Christ and the Capacity to Enjoy Him

Bill Shannon – Counseling and the Doctrine of Perseverance

Hannah Carter – Biblical Counseling and Singleness

Armand Tiffe – Counseling and the Doctrine of Union with Christ