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The Gospel and Mental Illness | 2014 Complete Conference

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Description of the 2014 Annual Conference:
We live in a broken world, beset with overwhelming problems: disease, pain, death, sorrow, sin and mental illness–clinical depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, and panic attacks. Our culture assumes people diagnosed with mental illness are stuck, doomed to struggle for the rest of their lives against a problem without ever experiencing real and lasting change. As Christians we know better.  The world is broken, but God has invaded that world with the power, light, and hope of his Son Jesus Christ. Whether you’re tormented with panic attacks or thinking of committing suicide, Jesus can help.  We want to show the church how Jesus brings healing to those experiencing the most extreme problems of mental illness.

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Speakers Include: Dr. Heath Lambert, Dr. Charles Hodges, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. David Powlison and Dr. Bob Somerville



List of Resources on the Complete Conference Card:


Recorded Breakout Sessions

Addressing Alternative Medicine – Dan and Pam Gannon

Child Discipline that Disciples – Randy Patten

Counsel for the Wife Struggling in Her Ministry Marriage – Mary Somerville

Dealing with Anger in a Godly Way – Bob Somerville

Fear and Worry: The Acceptable Sins – Lisa Schmidt

Gospel Treason – Getting to the Heart – Brad Bigney

How Will They Ever Change – Nathan Currey

List and Labels – Dr. Jim Halla Breakout

Marry Wisely, Marry Well – Ernie Baker

Putting Your Past in Its Place – Steve Viars

Helping a Counselee Change Their Thinking – Stuart Scott

When Hardships Hit – Robert Jones

A Counseling Survey of the New Testament – Andrew Rogers

Attachment Disorder – Amy Baker

Counseling Miss Pity Party/Glass Half Full Person – Martha Peace

Giving Homework According to the Stages and Phases of a Counselee – Nicholas Ellen

Gripping Fears – David Powlison

Psychology and the Gospel: A Brief History – Jeremy Lelek

Schizophrenia – Charles Hodges

Understanding Depression – Scott Mehl

Warfare and Redemption in the Marriage Bed – Robert Cheong

Where Should I Start? Beginning a Difficult Counseling Case – Heath Lambert

Case Study on Pornography – Garrett Higbee

Counseling and the Courts – Deborah Dewart

Heading for Divorce – Bill Shannon

Learning to Pray When the Pain Will Not Leave from Psalm 13 – Brad Brandt

Mediation, an Introduction – Ernie Baker

Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission – Bob Kelleman

Prayer as Part of Spiritual Warfare – Kevin Carson

Presenting the Gospel in Its Context in Counseling – Stuart Scott

Redemption after Adultery – Robert Cheong

Seeing Reality through Psalm 139 – Joe Propri

Biblical Counseling: A Golden Opportunity for Evangelism – Paul Peabody

Counseling Parents of Special-Needs Children – Paul Tautges

Counseling Sexually Abused Women and Children – Caroline Newheiser

Helping Couples Develop a Godly Approach to Marital Intimacy – Rob Green

Helping the Discouraged – Randy Patten

How to Live with a Bitter Person – Amy Baker

Perfectionism – Are you ODC? – John Street

Preparing for International Biblical Counseling Training Opportunities – Wayne Vanderwier

Studying for and Passing the ACBC Exam – George Scipione

Understanding the Kinds of Sorrow Mentioned in the Bible – Nicolas Ellen

When Your Counselee Wants to Quit – Kevin Carson

“Jump Start” after the Storm in Once Counseling Session – Jill Wamsley

Church Discipline and the Law – Deborah Dewart

Counseling Couples in Abuse Situations – Tim Pasma

Counseling End of Life Issues – Charles Hodges

Counseling in the Midst of Divorce – Wayne Johnston

Creating a Church Culture of Grace and Discernment Regarding Mental Illness – Jeremy Pierre

Dealing Biblically with the Terrible Tragedy of Suicide – Jim Newheiser

How to Deconstruct Self-Esteem in Session – Jeremy Lelek

Leading a Church to Biblically Change – Duke Crawford

Ministering to Those with Brain Injuries – Stuart Scott

Praying for and with Your Counselee – Martha Peace

The Importance of Scripture Memorization in Counseling – Susan Heck


Bonus Content

Counsel without Turning Counselees into Pharisees – Brad Bigney

Pursuing Purity Before Marriage – Amber Komatsu

Repentance for Those Struggling with Pornography – Heath Lambert

Oneness, More than Sex – Tom Zempel


Plenary Sessions (Videos)

Plenary Session #1 – David Powlison – Good News for the Mentally Ill

Plenary Session #2 – Video with John MacArthur – God’s Truth in a Culture of Mental Illness (Part 1)

Plenary Session #3 – Video with Heath Lambert – Brothers, We Are Not Therapists

Plenary Session #4 – Video with John MacArthur – God’s Truth in a Culture of Mental Illness (Part 2)

Plenary Session #5 – Video with Charles Hodges – What’s Medical About Mental Illness

Plenary Session #6 – Video with Bob Somerville – The Pauline Model of Mental Health


Breakout Sessions (Bonus Videos)

Breakout Session – Video with Steve Viars – Putting Your Past in Its Place (Bonus Video)

Breakout Session – Video with David Powlison – Gripping Fears (Bonus Video)

Breakout Session – Video with John Street – Perfectionism – Are you OCD?

Breakout Session – Video with Charles Hodges – Counseling End of Life Issues (Bonus Video)


Plenary Sessions (Audio Only)

Good News for the Mentally Ill – David Powlison

God’s Truth in a Culture of Medical Illness (Part 1) – John MacArthur

Brothers, We Are Not Therapists – Heath Lambert

God’s Truth in a Culture of Mental Illness (Part 2) – John MacArthur

What’s Medical About Mental Illness – Charles Hodges

The Pauline Model of Mental Health – Bob Somerville

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