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Crises and Biblical Counseling


God’s grace is sufficient for the most difficult problems people face. Yet how are we to be instruments of God in the most traumatic of crises? This collection provides lectures from pastors, professors, and first responders who have faced crisis counseling firsthand.



Conference Card Collection

Sessions Include:

How to Handle Bad Memories from Trauma – John Babler


1 Weeping with Those Who Weep: Biblical Grief – Craig Day
2 Trusting God in Adversity: A Study of the Life of Joseph – Brad Brandt
3 Crisis Counseling #1: Why Do We Need to Know? – John Babler
4 Crisis Counseling #2: Responding to International Crisis – Brad Brandt
5 Crisis Counseling #3: What Do We Need to Know? – John Babler
6 Crisis Counseling #4: Responding to Regional Crisis – Ernie Baker
7 Crisis Counseling #5: Responding to Combat Crisis – Buddy Riddle
8 Crisis Counseling #6: Who Do We Need to Know? – John Babler
9 Confident Counseling in Troubled Times – Jay Adams
10 Emergency Service Chaplaincy – John Babler
11 How to Handle Bad Memories from Trauma – John Babler
Preaching for Practical Change in the Most Difficult Times – Robert Somerville
13 Short-Term and Emergency Counseling – Jay Adams
14 Ministering to and Counseling Military Personnel – Q&A NANC
15 How Could God Allow? : Dealing with Death and Suffering – Ken Ham
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