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Counseling, Children, and Parenting


Christian Parenting is one of the most important discipleship assignments any person can have. God has given parents the task of discipling and instructing their children to know and follow Christ. You, or someone you love, likely is in this season of discipleship right now. Our Counseling, Children, and Parenting Complete Conference Collection is designed to help you fulfill your God-given task in Christian parenting or to counsel others towards faithful parenting. This Collection also includes unique cases of counseling abused family members, special-needs children, and attachment disorder.



Conference Card Collection

Sessions Include:


  1. Biblical Parenting: Do Not Provoke to Anger, but Bring them Up – Tim Keeter
  2. Biblical Parenting: In the Discipline of the Lord – Tim Keeter
  3. Biblical Parenting: In the Instruction of the Lord – Nicolas Ellen
  4. Biblical Parenting – Lance Quinn


  1. Child Discipline that Disciples – Randy Patten
  2. Biblical Parenting: In the Instruction of the Lord – Tim Pasma
  3. Faithful Parenting: Shepherding for Sure, Discipleship Maybe – Stuart Scott
  4. Parenting – Randy Stinson
  5. Attachment Disorder – Amy Baker
  6. Counseling Parents of Special-Needs Children – Paul Tautges
  7. The Challenges and Blessings of Counseling Children – Caroline Newheiser
  8. Counseling Angry Children – Sean Perron
  9. Counseling Sexually Abused Women and Children – Caroline Newheiser
  10. Counseling Teens from Proverbs – Ron Allchin
  11. Marry Wisely, Marry Well – Ernie Baker
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