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Counseling and Medical Issues | 2014 Pre-Conference




The complete conference card (CCCard) is a unique way to provide all the sessions from the 2014 Pre-Conference , Counseling and Medical Issues.  After purchasing, all the audio sessions from the conference and the PDF version of notes submitted by the speakers will be available to download onto your computer and all your devices.


Every year The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors hosts a day-long pre conference before the beginning of our annual conference. The 2014 pre conference theme was “Counseling and Medical Issues.”

As counselors committed to the Bible, we know that there are important physical issues that become factors in counseling ministry. We also know, however, that we do biblical counseling ministry in a secular culture that attaches a medical diagnosis to many spiritual problems. How should faithful biblical counselors navigate the murky waters between moral and medical issues? What do biblical counselors need to know about psychiatric medication? How are faithful counselors to comprehend extreme psychiatric diagnoses with a medical element?

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Session I: What is Mental Illness? (Dr. Dan Wickert)
Session II: Drugs and Disillusions (Dr. Dan Gannon and Pam Gannon)
Session III: Depression and Bipolar (Dr. Dan Gannon and Pam Gannon)
Session IV: A Look at Some Extreme Cases (Wickert and Gannons)
Session V: Panel Discussion (Lambert, Gannons, Wickert)

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