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Case Studies In Counseling


We are shaped by our examples. In fact, looking to the example of others is a key strategy to growing in most any area. The same is true in counseling. The Case Studies in Counseling Complete Conference Collection provides hours of case studies lead by exceptional biblical counselors. Case studies include adultery, divorce, pornography, dating, dealing with the past, and more!




Conference Card Collection

  1. A Case Study in Biblical Counseling and Adultry – Tim Pasma
  2. A Case Study in Biblical Counseling and Divorce – Tim Pasma
  3. Jake – A Case Study – Stuart Scott
  4. Trisha – A Case Study – Stuart Scott
  5. A Look at Some Extreme Cases – Wickert, Dan and Pam Gannon
  1. A Case Study on Guilt and Repentance – Paul Tautges
  2. A Case Study on Suffering and Trials – Paul Tautges
  3. A Case Dealing with an Extreme, Complicated, and Difficult Past – Wayne Johnston
  4. A Counseling Case Study on Dating and Romance – Sean Perron
  5. A Counseling Case on Engagement and Romance – Sean Perron
  6. “Jump Start” after the Storm in One Counseling Case – Jill Wamsley
  7. The Difficult and Frightening Case of Ruth – Martha Peace
  8. Pornography: A Case Study – Heath Lambert
  9. Getting Better at Getting at the Heart: A Case Study – Brad Brandt
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