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Advanced Methodology Track | NYC 2016




The complete conference card (CCCard) is a unique way to provide all the sessions from the NYC 2016 Counseling and Discipleship Training. After purchasing, all the audio sessions from the conference and the PDF version of notes submitted by the speakers will be available to download onto your computer and all your devices.

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Speakers include: Heath Lambert, Scott Mehl, Jim Newheiser, Brad Brandt, Andrew Rogers, Brad Bigney, Kevin Carson, Dan Wickert, and Stuart Scott.

Audio will be uploaded by June 15, 2016.

New Methodology Track

In Isaiah 9:6 Jesus was foretold as the Wonderful Counselor.  Throughout his life on earth Jesus lived up to that reality.  We often think of Jesus as a preacher, but in the gospels we see Jesus counseling far more than preaching.  Jesus knew how to respond with wisdom and skill to all the conversational challenges that were placed before him.  He knew how to respond to the sorrowful, the immoral, the weak, and the self-righteous in ways that reflected grace and truth.

ACBC offers counseling and discipleship training events because we want people to grow in the counseling skill that Jesus had. Everyone who attends our advanced track will receive more rigorous training in the kinds of complex skills we need to match complex problems.

Session Topics will include topics in methods of counseling such as:

Bibilcal Strategies for Building a Counseling Relationship

Biblical Counseling and Self-Harm

Biblical Counseling and Homosexuality

Biblical Counseling and Domestic Violence

Biblical Counseling and Church Discipline

Biblical Counseling and Personal Ministry

Biblical Counseling and Eating Problems

Biblical Counseling and Suicide

Biblical Counseling and Sexual Assault

Biblical Counseling and Medication

Assigning Homework

Marriage Counseling Case Study

A Case Study in Sin and Suffering

A Case Study in Biblical Counseling and Divorce

A Biblical Evaluation of Cognative Behavioral Therapy

Counseling with Effective Homework

Concluding a Counseling Case

How to Pray When the Pain Will Not Leave

How Not to Counsel

Common Diagrams in Counseling

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