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2019 Summer Online Training




Video of all 30 Sessions
Audio of 27 Sessions (Q&A’s not included)
Compiled notes in PDF and Word format

The Calling of All Christians
Counseling Lay of the Land
A Comparison of Counseling Philosophies
How to Grow and Change
The Doctrine of Progressive Sanctification
Key Elements of Biblical Counseling:
1 & 2: Gather Data & Discern Problems
3 & 4: Build Involvement & Give Hope
5 & 6: Give Instruction & Assign Homework
Idols of the Heart

Guilt and Repentance
Worry and Fear
Trials and Suffering
A Biblical View of Anger
How to Improve Your Communication
The Role of the Husband
The Role of the Wife
The Purpose of Marriage
A Biblical View of Sexuality

Biblical Parenting: Fathers, Do Not Provoke to Anger
Biblical Parenting: In the Discipline of the Lord
Q&A with Executive Director Dr. Dale Johnson
Counseling People with a Psychological Diagnosis
Helping Those Suffering with Depression
Counseling People with a Medical Illness
Counseling Those Committing Sexual Sin

Q&A with Executive Director Dr. Dale Johnson
The Doctrine of the Church and Biblical Counseling
Change from the Inside Out and the Outside In
Certification Q&A

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